Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I just found out something extremely exciting!!!

But for Disney integrity...I can't tell you ;)

So, you'll just have to wait and see!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Dear Airlines, Regal Sun Resort, Orlando Palm Trees and Sun...


I just booked my flight and hotel for the day before check-in!!! Can't wait to jump on my beds, go to Earl of Sandwich, and play at DtD with Mere :)

So I'm COMPLETELY nervous as all get-out. I almost pulled my hair out from stress by the time church was over today because instead of paying attention I thought of all the challenges
that were ahead of me (sorry, God). I'm not going to get into them now, because I don't need to
be all down when this exciting event has taken place!

Here are the screen shots to prove it! (Most of the information has been removed for confidentiality purposes...but it's still fun to show!!!) EDIT: Upon more thought, I'm even more paranoid about being stalked, so all you basically see is the hotel and the fact that I'm flying, lol. Sorry :) People are creepy these days. Not you guys, OBV, but other anonymous people who may or may not read this! HAHA!

Have a magical night!!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Should I reconsider my career path?

How about a Disney Florist?

I made these for my mom as her Christmas present. I couldn't think of anything to get her because she is SO hard to buy for (yes, ending my sentence in a dangling preposition...oh no!!!). Every year we get a beautiful centerpiece from a florist, but we didn't last year because
Christmas Eve wasn't at our house, and we didn't this year because it is just SO expensive and we ran out of time.

So I decided to try my hand at "florestry"(also not a word - my grammar rocks at this time of night!) and get all the supplies (not as easy as you'd think!!!) and put together an arrangement for my mom/Christmas/the family.

With some leftovers I made a mini arrangement that is going in my bathroom :). Before you start thinking, "What a waste!," worry not, because over Christmas Eve we have family over. The then SLEEP over, and we all open presents together Christmas morning. It is the BEST
tradition in the WORLD!

So...what do you think of my arrangements? How do you spend Christmas Eve?

PS - My mom loved the surprise :)

Have a magical night!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

"Ma'am, this show is FULL!!!"

She hated this one part of Disney. It could ruin an entire day............MEAN Cast Members. They were few and far between. They showed up only once every few trips.Today, she was a red-head.


Whatever, she'd be off to the bathroom and back before anyone missed her.

Cept, the gate was closed. That's ok, just let the CM know you were here and that's your family right on the other side...

Ooorrrrr, not.

"Hi, could you please open the gate and let me in?"
"I'm sorry ma'am, this show is full."
"Oh I know, that's my family over there...I was here."
"Ma'am, this show is FULL!"

The CM angrily stalks away, leaving the girl fuming and debating climbing over the silver railing. Her whole family had witnessed the scene, as had other horrified CMs.

Another, marginally more pleasant, CM came over and explained that they always left room for a few extras, that the girl could come in, but they normally wouldn't do this.

Well...just about the whole family was in an uproar. So was the girl. Forget Turtle Talk with
Crush...she'd watch it another day with more pleasant CMs who WANTED HER THERE! She would march up to that CM, ask her name, and send her PACKING by the time she talked to her supervisor.

...But the girl didn't say a word. As her family ranted and raved, she thought about how much pressure the mean CM must be under. Maybe this was one of her first shifts and she had been told to keep the number strict no matter what. Maybe something awful had gone on in her personal life. Maybe she was just having a bad day. She didn't deserve to lose her job or be severely punished after a bad incident with a plethora of variables.

Slowly the girl's anger dissipated. Maybe it was the Disney atmosphere. Maybe it was just in her personality to think the best of people.

Anyways...crisis avoided...and all enjoyed Turtle Talk with Crush.


So I went Christmas shopping tonight. And of course, what trip would be complete without a trip to...THE DISNEY STORE!?

There, I found a million things I wanted for me (none of them age appropriate nor would any of the princess dresses fit...sadness), but I also found a fantastic gift for my 2.5-year-old cousin.

And yes, I got it on sale.

Now a lot of people would think...WOW, a tea set for a toddler that young? But let me tell you...she is SMART!

And, I bought an instruction manual of sorts...a storybook called Belle's Tea Party.

I'd like to think that's a win :) go along with the theme of my story today...

At the Disney Store there was a horrifyingly grumpy woman. Us customers were waiting and she didn't have any more change. She looked grumpy as could be and told the girl working to open the other register. The girl asked kindly if she could just go get an order from someone on the phone off the shelf quickly.

"NO. You can do that AFTER."

So the poor bewildered girl opens the other register and offers "Next in line?"

That was me. I felt SO bad for her.

I looked directly at the mean woman who was clearly having a bad night and said, half to cheer her up, half to reprimand her..."Smile!" No response, so quick pause, then..."You work at the Disney Store! You HAVE to smile!" She gives me a somewhat relieved smile, which quickly turned into a tight smile, and then a frown again. I gave up sadly and the poor cashier girl now says "It's been a long night."

"I can imagine," I mumbled sympathetically.

"You're all set. Have a magical holiday season!" the girl finished our transaction as cheerfully as she could. I was momentarily stunned and then with all the warmth I could muster I simply replied, "Thanks! too."

Then we left.

I did what I could, and you can't win 'em all.................................................but at least I got stickers out of the deal :D

Can't wait to be a perpetually happy CM!!! I hope someday someone will be merciful to me or try to cheer me up if I perchance happen to have a bad day...

Anyways, have a magical evening readers,


PS - Keep voting! The numbers between post about my everyday mundane life and simply posting more relevant things more often is close!

So today I posted a mundane thing and related it to Disney. Let me know what you think!

PPS - Please limit one vote per person...thanks!

Monday, December 21, 2009

A magic spell in the black of night...

"...With a scream of fright. Ahhhhhh! And a bolt of light! Turn my hair to white. Ah hahahaha!"

The girl cowered on the metal bench. She put her feet up and wrapped her arms around her legs and rested her chin on her knees, as if curling into a little ball would make the evil magic go away.

This evil witch come right after the princesses' love stories! Her beautiful happily-ever-after had been shattered by an evil cackle.

"Now I'll turn that little mouse's dream into a nightmare Fantasmic...Imagine this! Ah hahahaha!"


So while doing my usual obsessive compulsive Youtube video watching, I came upon the video below. Watch's amazing. Thanks xHeavyMetalPapillonx for letting me use this video! (Visit his channel in the link!)

I was kind of terrified after watching it. Gave me chills...the appropriate evil side of Disney chills.

And that got me to thinking. I've been feeling kinda bad since I got rejected from the audition. Combine that with the fact that going to fulfill my dreams of working at Disney involves leaving my family and friends and my boyfriend of two years here at home, graduating from college early, trying be on my own for the first time, etc....well, I'm sure you can imagine that I haven't been as excited as I should be.

And I didn't want to resent Disney. But I had been wishing and praying that they'd make my dreams come least I could become a character performer. But no, my dreams were dashed. How could the company I love more than anything (even knowing their strong business saavy tactics, the real side of Disney competition, etc.) hurt me so badly? But to have my passion turned into something I fear/despise is my worst nightmare. I obviously wasn't going to let that happen. So where did that leave me? Some sort of limbo of feeling sorry for myself and having nowhere to put the blame. But this video made me think...

Disney created these wonderful stories of fairy tales, princes, princesses, far off lands, and magical miracles. This was the Disney I always dreamed of. But I was missing something...

The Evil.

Disney has a wonderfully malicious cast of evil characters who will stop at nothing to try to thwart the dreams of the hero/heroine of the story. But the hero/heroine never ever EVER gives up. (Or they're rescued by a handsome prince, you know... :).) But one way or the other, they are forced to go through some serious trial and tribulations. I had forgotten how sad, disheartened, frightened, or upset they were, and just how evil these antagonists were until seeing this video.

Now before you go running off to the next D-Fam member saying "Ashlie thinks Disney is the Evil Queen!" that is NOT what I am saying. What I am trying to get across is that there are going to be thing/people/emotions that get in my way along my path to making my fairy tale come true. Anyone who says that "life isn't perfect like Disney" clearly hasn't watched the movies or seen this video. Their lives aren't perfect; they are hard and full of struggle. It is the triumph at the end that everyone remembers.

So just as the heroes fought that dragon, pushed that witch off the cliff, hauled away that governor, put that evil genie in the lamp, left that cruel stepmother behind, beat up that conceited jerk, and ran that octo-woman through with a boat, I shall perform all other sorts of magical miracles (though I know, luckily, my means don't have to be violent like these because my opponents - my own fears/doubts - are not so evil).

Now...does anyone have a shield of virtue or a sword of truth?
How about a fairy godmother?
How about just a plane ticket for my Prince?

In the end, true love conquors all and good triumphs over evil. I'll be ok :)


"Some imagination, huh? haha!"

Mickey Would Want Democracy...

So I read a lot of blogs where people frequently post interesting/funny things going on in their lives. If their lives are mundane and boring, they make them sound interesting anyways. What do you you guys want to get to know me better or do you like this blog as strictly monumental DCP updates? I won't be offended either way, haha.

Also, many blogs are strictly informative. Would you like me to start adding more info about "how to do this in the DCP, how to do that." I kinda figured there were enough blogs out there like that, but perhaps this is a good resource.

Anyways, I figured with now having 24 followers (thank you so much I appreciate each and every one of you!!!), I should start taking opinions...

Once I see an option clearly winning over the others, I shall pick a topic. Until then, au revior!

ERM...PS - DID I MENTION I AM FINISHED WITH COLLEGE!?!?!?! Two degrees - BS in Broadcast Journalism and a BA in Spanish Language and Literature - in 3.5 years...yay me :)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Hello readers.

This video has been long overdue, but I finally figured out for the first time how to compress a video so it doesn't fail to upload!

Without further ado...

Have a magical day!!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Good News!!!

Just a quick note, faithful readers...

I'd like everyone to give John from The Purple Folder blog a huge resounding "THANK YOU" because he fixed my commenting issue.

You can now comment on ALL my posts. Even better, you can now go back and comment on other posts if you had something to say, if you'd like!

Hope you're having a magical day!

Monday, November 30, 2009

The sinking feeling...

...was in the pit of her stomach again. It was the last day of vacation, and soon the magic would be left in Orlando.

It was the day that the blue sky turned grey. The warmth turned to a chill the moment she stepped off the plane.

The princesses would go back to their castles and Mickey would disappear in a puff of smoke.

The stressed out feeling would come back, and the worries of the world would sit back on her shoulders.

The Magic Kingdom Express's whistle would become a honking commuter rail.

Illuminations would not longer make the night as bright as the day.

The movies would go back to being on the screen, instead of all around her.

Dinosaurs would go back to being a memory of the past.

The little girl hated the last day more than anything. She spent every moment trying to memorize her favorite place. Every smell, taste, touch, sound.

Cinderella's Midnight had descended once again. It was time to put the dream away, put a little piece of herself away...until it could come to play again.
Today, I am very disappointed. Today, I am sad. I got this in my email at 4:03 EST:

Dear Ashlie,

We would like to thank you for attending the recent Walt Disney World® Entertainment audition in your area. Unfortunately, you were not selected for a role as a Character Performer.

If I hadn't tried so hard...taken dance lessons...cleared up my skin..

If I hadn't wanted it since I was a little girl...

If I hadn't put my heart and soul into the audition...

...who am I kidding? I would still be just as disappointed.

I just found out about half an hour I am not ready to go all "ONTO ATTRACTIONS!" yet.

But I did prepare myself for this disappointment in a little way. I did request GMR.

And most importantly...there will be more auditions in Orlando. And let me tell you...I will never EVER give up on my dreams.

You haven't seen the last of me, Disney Entertainment. One failure isn't going to hold me back...and you'd better be ready next time...because I'm going to shine...

Friday, November 20, 2009


3 Vlogs - 1 Day - Disney Day...

Just like I promised you, here are the videos about the audition. Considering the giant rumor is that we're all going to find out tomorrow...I wanted to make sure this would not be outdated...


Video 1 in which Ashlie and Allison get pumped up!

Video 2 in which Ashlie tries to calm her nerves by making a video.

Video 3 in which Ashlie and Allison cannot come off of Disney cloud 9...

Well...hope that makes the wait worth it, folks!

Have magical dreams!


Monday, November 2, 2009

"Step cross, step touch..."

"...I got it!" the girl grinned at her reflection in the mirror. "Five days til the audition...I can do this, I can do this." The girl's heart started racing out of control and her palms started to sweat as she thought of the upcoming Character Performer Auditions. Her whole life had led up to this day and it was almost here.
"Maybe one more time..." she thought to herself as she began the Youtube Video to follow along with again.

Tomorrow I will have a vlog recapture of this amazing day...

Of course, I always feel like I could have done better, and I am over-analyzing every little detail. But the truth is that I feel good about how I performed and I gave it everything I had. So now we wait to see if Disney will help make my dreams come true...

Have a magical night :)


Monday, October 26, 2009

"I do believe in fairies!..."

...the girl almost started crying while eating her breakfast and watching Peter Pan, the live-action version. The music began to fill the room as Peter confessed that he truly knew his little friend was the real thing. Suddenly, she recognized the music...the Year of a Million Dreams theme. Tears welled up in her eyes and she was transported into a place of magic and wonder. All on a early summer morning before work... ************************************************************************************************
I finally finished that surprise I promised you guys a few entries ago. I hope you enjoy it! If you can't comment here, let me know what you think on the Youtube comment section! Thanks!

Thank you for reading...and I wish you magic dreams...


Days later...

I cannot get Youtube to upload this video correctly and have tried over 5 times...I am going to get some help from one of our tech guys at BU's College of Communication next week.

Until's other news...


I am so excited and so incredibly nervous. I go through feelings of "I'm going to rock it! I'm terrified! I'm going to be intimidated! I'm going to be amazing! I'm going to forget things! I'm going to shine!" all in a series of literally about 20 seconds.

Being friends with a Disney character has been my dream from the time I realized I could do so (about 10 years old when I realized Santa was friends with my mom and dad - I'm sure you Disney people understand what I am saying). Now that I am older I would be even more grateful to be a parade dancer!

I could not have prepared any more:

I am taking a ballroom dance class.
I am part of BU's Ballroom Dance Club (one lesson a week).
I hired a student choreographer to get together with me once a week as private lessons to teach me basic and interesting moves and sweep up the cobwebs draped over my muscle memory from high school and earlier.
I watch online videos of dance routines and try to learn them quickly to sharpen my mind.
I practice my animation in front of the mirror every couple of days.
I research every possible thing I can about the audition process and talk to as many people as I can who have been to one.

Yeah...I don't know what else to do. But I can't help but start getting all sweaty-palmed with a heart beating a hundred miles an hour as soon as I start to think about it!

I have my outfit almost all planned out and bought my character shoes this summer. I know it's about smiling and having fun...and I will...I promise! I just want it to go if not perfectly, then as well as it could go...

I got this in my email a few days ago...I love how Disney really takes care of you and guides you along the way.

I have been waiting for so long! How could I forget? :)

Of course, now that the waiting is almost over...I almost wish that I had more time to practice, work on things, and prepare!

Well, I'll just try my best and let God and Disney take care of the rest.

Wish me luck and have a magical day!

any dream is possible
wishes do come true
you can reach the stars if you just believe
share the magic in your heart

there's nothing you can't do

cause anything is possible

so find the dream inside of you

I've found my dream...please Disney, help make it come true!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

" guys go to BU?"

...the girl asked hesitantly of a group of two boys and a girl walking into the room. It was a cold October in late afternoon and she was attending a Disney College Program Campus presentation at Northeastern University. How lucky she was to have met some people from her school!

They all began to chat and sat together at the presentation. She sat in between the pretty girl and the guy with shaggy hair. She alternated between the two of them, chatting about all things Disney, comparing trip counts (the girl had been as many times as she!?) and talking about best places to listen to Disney music.

The pretty girl raised her hand when the Recruiter asked the group a trivia question and received a purple Disney College Program pen. The girl was proud of her new friend's knowledge and a little jealous that she was not the one to have received the pen. The two girls exchanged numbers.

At the end of the presentation, they were the only ones who decided not to apply for the program early and do the phone interview...just to say that they did it because both knew they could not go.

A few months, a few dinners, and hundreds of text messages later, the girls were fast becoming good friends.

More months passed. Sleepovers ensued. Soon the girls were extremely close.

More months passed. Decisions about being suite mates the next semester were made. Summer came. The girls talked every day despite their long-distance friendship. They were best friends.

The end of summer came and the school year began. Both girls applied to the Disney College Program, supported one another throughout the interview process, wait, and finally...ACCEPTANCE. Both their dreams were unfolding in front of each others' eyes. They were like sisters.

But one day, a troubling situation occurred...

I got this in my email today:

Ugh...the dreaded need to make a decision is upon me. I want to room with Allison, but she is only 19. I am 21. That would place me in Wellness Housing. I would normally have no problem with this but there are a few things I am taking into consideration, and it has been a constant stress in my life.

Here are some things I am forced to think about:


1) I am a little afraid of the maturity level. Being 18 vs. 21 and having all of college behind you vs. one semester is very different.

2) I want to live in Patterson and she wants to live in Chatham.

3) I am by no means a partier, but I do enjoy a glass of wine (not that I really buy it...I usually go out to a classy place). Wellness = no-alcohol ever, which I understand and truly respect.

4) If my apartment-mates decided to engage in illicit activities such as underage drinking, I feel like that would put me in a position of blame and responsibility, even if I did not do anything. I will NOT let something as stupid as alcohol ruin my career with the Walt Disney Company.

5) I am not sure she even wants to room with me anymore now that I have mentioned these things. I hope she isn't ruling me out completely yet. It's kind of an awkward topic to bring up.

6) I do want to meet new people and I'm afraid that I will not branch out as much if I am not forced out of my comfort zone (I can be shy sometimes, though college mostly broke me of that habit).


1) Being placed with people who are closer to "my age" will surround me with people who understand what it is like to be graduating and facing the real world. Many will not be returning to college and having new friends who can relate to me would be fantastic.

2) Allison is one of my best friends. We have been in this together from Day 1. Enough said.

3) This is going to be a huge change. Having someone who knows me and having such a comfort from home would be so fantastic.

4) Allison and I have lived together this semester. I think it has worked out marvelously. We understand that we can still have our own lives but having someone to "come home to" means a lot. Being roommates brings your bond closer.

5) I already know Allison. All the difficult adjustments with a new place and a new roommate would be eliminated. We even have similar living habits.

6) If we lived together, it would be the best way to maintain contact, even if we have completely different shifts, etc. Plus she's going back to BU after the DCP...I don't want to miss out on precious time together!

Notes about living in Non-Wellness:

1) I think there will be less people so I will have a better chance of getting the housing complex/rooming situation that I want.

2) If I live in Non-Wellness and roommate or apartment friends are drinking, is that going to make it so Allison and other under-21s can't visit?

3) I had a roommate matched up with my my freshman year of college and she ended up being one of my other best friends. Why not let Disney help me make another new best friend?

4) If I wait to decide and do not do roommate notification, I could end up with a roommate who is as manipulatory as Jafar, as revenge-driven as Ursula, as jealous as the Evil Queen, as power-hungry as Scar, as vain as Gaston, as purely evil as Malificent, as inconsiderate and unkind as Lady Tremaine, as dishonest as Stromboli, as crazy as Sykes, as wicked and judgmental as Frollo, as backstabbing as Hades...or all of the above! AHHH!!! (I seriously considered continuing, but I decided to stop...)

In all seriousness, I don't know what to do.

I hope fate steps in to see me through. Where's Jiminy Cricket when I need him?

Hope Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust are enough to get me through this!

Have a magical evening!

Saturday, September 26, 2009


...the girl said breathlessly as she peeked through a little window in her school mailbox. What may have looked like an ordinary, obscure envelope shoved in a tin rectangle appeared to be a shining beacon of white light to her.

She was just looking through the hole, admiring it when her boyfriend brought her back to reality...

"Well open it then!"

The girl's fingers hurriedly twisted the dial to unlock her combination, un-scrunched the giant white envelope, and saw "Disney Worldwide Services, Inc."

She already had received her email. But it didn't matter. An enormous grin spread across her face and she hugged the envelope to her chest. It had finally arrived. Her purple folder. The item she had been waiting for years was finally hers.


I have a surprise coming up for you all in the next couple days. It involves not doing my homework tonight but embarking on a new project...keep checking back!

Regardless, tonight I checked my mail again (this week I had finally stopped obsessively checking it), and saw that I got my Purple Folder! It was like being accepted all over again and the same excitement was there, if not amplified.

Tonight I am going through all the logistical processes. I didn't accept and pay the money right away because I had a lot to think about. I was OBVIOUSLY going but "When?" and "How" were the questions.

The official verdict?

Check-in: January 20
Actual Arrival Date: January 19
Method of Arrival: Flying


"Ashlie, you've just received your Purple Folder...what are you going to do now?"
"I'm going to DISNEY WORLD!!!"


Monday, September 21, 2009

Be Our Guest... our guest, put our service to the test!"
A handsome man in Beauty and the Beast kitchen garb reached out his hand to the little girl, whose eyes were as wide as the plates on his rolling cart, inviting her into the Share a Dream Come True Parade. It was her first experience being a part of the magic. They were bringing one of her favorite fairy tales to life right in front of her.

When she grew up...she wanted to bring the magic to life too...

I just got off the phone with the Disney College Program Recruiting Office. Jen, my recruiter, was SO incredibly kind. I told her that I just got accepted into attractions and she said: "Congratulations!"
I replied "Thank you! I never get tired of hearing about it because I am SO excited!...I just wanted to express my extreme gratitude because like I said I am SO excited and so thankful!"

Then I proceeded to tell her that "While I know there are no guarantees, I would like to make a request." She said "Ok" and asked for my first name, last name, and application number. (I LOVE how they ask for your name first, you are not just some number to them!)

"Ok, what ride would you like?"
"While I understand loading and unloading are an important part of making everything run smoothly for a great guest experience, I would like to work a ride that is more interactive with guests. I would like to bring the magic to life. That is why I would like to work the Great Movie Ride. Whenever we ride it I always like to sit in the front so I can be a part of it and I can see myself bringing it to life for other people as well!"
"Well, like you said, there are no guarantees, but I will definitely put that in your application."
"Thank you! I also have a few other questions if that is ok?"

1) Roommates/preassigned roommates. You cannot ask for one. But if you want to live with someone specific, you should coordinate to arrive on the same date and stand in line together.

2) Benefits extending beyond the CP. "Say I end my College Program at the beginning of August but my family would like to take a vacation in the middle of August." No benefits extend once you are no longer a cast member but you may become seasonal or a campus rep.

3) How to become seasonal. It depends truly on your role and you would have to speak to your manager once you get there/toward the end of your program.

4) Junior/Senior status regarding the Professional Internship. I will be technically graduating in January but there would be perfect opportunities for me considering my major and things I would be able to bring to the company (or something like that). She said I could just apply during my CP because during that time we are considered "enrolled in college." YAY!

I thanked her very much again (remembering to say "Jen"!) and she said "Have a great day!" I said "Thanks, you too! Have a magical day!" She laughed a little before she hung up. It kinda made my day.

Yay for a great start to a great sunny day!

Sorry John, gotta steal your line today...

It's the truth
It's actual
It's a Zip-a-dee-do-dah day!

Quick Note...

Sorry to make a post without a memory or anything specifically Disney-related, but I wanted you all to know that I have now allowed comments for all users, even unregistered ones. For some reason some very nice people were not allowed to comment on my blog and I thank those who brought it to my attention! (Especially Ang and John! Thanks guys!)

So anyways, comment away Disney followers!

Oh, and so you don't think I've lost ALL spirit in a hurry to write this while I am mid-hw and stressing...
Here's one of my favorite MK parades ever made :)


Friday, September 18, 2009

"I solemnly swear..."

" uphold the laws of Mickey Mouse.
To always have fun..."

The little girl was sitting outside the bridge to Dinoland, USA, eating Petry Fries when a CM approached her...
"I like your pins!"
"You sure have a lot of Tinkerbell there. That one is a rare one for the Year of a Million Dreams...and you have 3 of them! You must have done a lot of special things to be given those!"
"Well, truthfully I was given one, and traded for the other 2..."

He proceeded to tell her that he was a member of the Dream Squad, how it worked, and chatted for a very long time.

In the end, he gave each member of the family an "Honorary Citizen of Walt Disney World" pin. She recited the promise to uphold the laws of Mickey Mouse with her hand held up, solemnly swearing that she would always have fun and spread the magic.

She had always known that she belonged in Walt Disney World..
.but she was an honorary citizen. Soon though...she would become a real citizen, a real member of the community...and it would happen on...


SEPTEMBER 18, 2009!!!!!!
While I did received the email at 11:33AM, I did not check it until 5-something PM. I had this FEELING that today was the day. I woke up after having a dream about ALLISON receiving that EXACT email with HER name and ATTRACTIONS on it! STRANGE RIGHT??? The sun was shining and there was not a cloud in the sky. I felt eternally happy. I had been thinking that I was going home tonight to be with my family, but that didn't work out tonight, but NOW I am celebrating with my boyfriend and friends. It was odd because I spent the ENTIRE afternoon planning what Allison and I were going to do once we got down there - restaurants, attractions, plans, etc. etc. etc. I then went to a private dance "tutor," you could call her, to see if she will help me with the Entertainment auditions (still my first choice). When Allison and I left Panera the sky was dark and sad and I was thinking to myself...I guess today is NOT the day. But I secretly thought (rather dramatically) "Maybe the sun will be shining JUST on MY dorm." SURE ENOUGH...we got off the bus and the SUN WAS SHINING THE BLOCK OVER MY DORM!!!!!!! My heart accelerated and my stomach flipped as I headed to the mailboxes...EMPTY. "I guess today is not the day..." I said sadly.

I went to see my boyfriend in his room. He was going through and deleting his emails until finally I go "Can I please check my emails now before I BUST?!" Somehow, something magical inside of me knew that "Fate stepped in to see me through." I logged on with my heart beginning to race again...

"There it is!" I whispered loudly to myself.
I clicked.
"I GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed!
"You got accepted?"
"To attractions!"
I jumped up from the chair, started clapping my hands together, and jumped up and down like a child singing "I'm going to Disney World! I'm going to Disney World!!!"

I proceeded to call my mom, who is excited for me and knew that this has been my dream forever but definitely a little hesitant that I have a full college degree and am going to be running rides...but that's ok...I consider this a segway (haha, segway) into my professional career with Walt Disney World.
Then I ran upstairs to my room and banged on Allison's suite door (which is in the hallway and locked even though I could just come in through our suite mate's room with the key...hahahahaha, the dramatic effect was achieved)...
"Today WAS the day!!!!" I shouted.

Continue with phone calls, hugs all around, and then I finally sat down to read the packet. Seeing "Congratulations" and the beautiful purple color will never get old.

I cannot WAIT to get my Purple Folder in the mail.

Anyways, after reading the packet I sat down and clicked around to accept. Here is what happened...

I tried to make sure it was short because long Vlogs I stop watching after about 2 minutes...

Stay tuned for updates!

Now I have some serious thinking to do about scheduling, living arrangements, etc. I will be calling a recruiter on Monday with ETERNAL thanks and a few questions.

Until then...

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust to all you out there waiting!

When you wish upon a star...your dreams...come...true...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"We can take a cab if you want..."

"No, no, it's fine..." the girl said, now 20 years old, no longer a "little girl." Then why was she still dancing foot to foot, waiting for another day at Walt Disney World? Because the magic was still there. The fantasy element had not been ruined in the least over the last 13 years and 15 trips. Everything was still as perfect and wonderful as her little 7-year-old self saw it. Mickey was still Mickey and the princesses still stepped out of their fairy tales and into her lives. Today, she was going to see Mickey and his friends open the park for her. She had never seen it before. She was up so early with her aunt and now they were waiting for the bus.

The minutes passed, the bus arrived at the hotel (she wanted to tell the driver to please step on it! She didn't want to miss it!), and soon they were at the Magic Kingdom gates. But...behold...twas nearly empty! In fact...the park did not open until NINE AM, and there she was at 5 minutes to 8. So what did she do? She waited. She kept herself busy by hula hooping and imagining herself to be the little girl again.

She waited. And waited. And waited. The anticipation grew at the time grew nearer to Mickey's arrival. And in the was worth it.

I got a notification in my email yesterday that I had a package downstairs. I started screaming to my bf..."THIS COULD BE IT!!!!!!!!!!"
I then proceeded to SPRINT down the dorm hallway to get to the elevator, danced like I had to use the restroom while I was in there, power-walked to the mail room, opened my mailbox combo (my hands are shaking and my heart is beating a hundred miles an hour), I hand them my slip, they get a package................

..........and it's a big brown cardboard contraption holding my last book I needed for school. My bf catches up to me and goes "was it it!??!"

Me..."EPIC. FAIL."

Then I realized later that the next package notification I get will be it!

Until then...back to obsessively checking my emails...

Saturday, September 12, 2009

"I saw you last night and you were amazing!"

The little girl was somewhere around 13 or 14 now. It was around 2pm at Disney's MGM Studeios (Now DHS). She was so excited when it was finally her turn to see Mickey. She told him that she had seen him the other night and he was fantastic!!! Mickey looked confused.
"You know...dah dah duh duh duuuh dum dum dum dum!" she started singing the Fantasmic! theme song and waving her arms around. Mickey still looked confused. She hugged him anyways, took a picture, and walked away.

Later that afternoon as she lay basking in the hot Florida sun by the Grand Floridian pool, she realized not once in her discourse had she said "Fantasmic!" and poor Mickey probably had absolutely no idea what she was talking about. She probably looked SO foolish dancing and singing in front of all those people at 13 years old. HOW EMBARRASSING!!!
I'm starting to get nervous. I got my "Thank You for Interviewing" email on September 3 and still haven't heard back. A girl from the DIS interviewed on taht day and has already been accepted into "Photopass" - my first choice next to Character Performer. People are getting into Attractions and Merchandising left and right but I have yet to receive any emails, my Purple Folder, or a rejection letter. I told my family and friends that if I didn't get accepted I am requesting a week to lock myself in my room and mope, and then I would get on with life and figure out what I am going to do with it (because all my plans for life begin with doing the DCP, no lie). I got a little white envelope int he mail today from school telling me that my loans had been processed. I seriously felt my heart drop into my stomach when I saw the small white letter through the mailbox window as I thought it was that rejection letter.

I am having a hard time concentrating on school, homework, and staying in the present moment because I want this SO much. I have since I was seven years old.

Anyways....until I find out I guess I have to "Just keep swimming...just keep swimming...just keep swimming, swimming, swimming..."

Friday, September 11, 2009

"I promise to love you forever..."

...every single day of forever. Will you marry me?"

Ok, so far all of my pre-posts have been true memories but I totally stole that from Twilight's Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer. Edward says that to Bella and I think it is possibly the most well-chosen words of all proposals of all time.

But yes, why this ridiculous topic? Because my friend sent me this video this morning:

Yes, I realize it is a promo. But her genuine reaction you cannot fake. My theory: he is a CM doing this for a promo but in real life he is ALSO proposing to his real girlfriend.

So this sparks Allison and I to sit for an ENTIRE HOUR "YouTubing" Disneyland and Disney World proposals.

Which also sparks a list of "MUST HAVES" for our Disney proposal. (I wrote them in the order we thought of them - later went back and organized them according to categories.)

Disney Proposal Requirements

1) Setting: Cinderella Castle

2) Setting Specifications: Stage/Central Location in Front

3) Ambiance: Nice weather (a.k.a. sunny and warm)

4) Ambiance: Music must be somewhat synchronized with proposal and differ from the normal ambiance music of Cinderella Castle

5) Memories: Quality video taping

6) Memories: Different angles from video taping

7) Ambiance: Fireworks - may take place at night if appropriate

8) Details: Dancing must be involved

9) Details: Tux and/or top hat for him - Princess-ish dress for me (Good luck future boyfriend getting me to understand why you want us to dress like this without giving it away...special dinner ressies may help :D)

10) Content: Please, please, please surprise me!!! I am one of those people who LOVES surprises.

11) Content: A character MUST present the ring to you (preferably a favorite character - that would be none other than Mr. Mickey Mouse for me :) )

12) Content: No fighting between the couple 24 hours in advance. If fighting occurs, the proposal must be delayed.

13) Details: Perfect timing. Please don't rush it and please don't let it happen if I feel queasy after the Tea Cups. Thanks :)

14) Content: Please give me a decent speech. It doesn't have to be long, just heartfelt and nice. I'd like to know WHY you want to marry me instead of anyone else. And dear self: DO NOT JUMP THE GUN. Let him finish before you say the magic word "Yes."

15) Ambiance: Family must be present post-proposal...ok...even maybe during...(even if just my and your immediate families come out afterward for a day or so!)

Have a magical day!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pirate and Princess Party!

...Hey rah rah rah Hey rah rah rah Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse! Hey rah rah rah Hey rah rah rah Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse! Well the whole world wants to wish you Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse!
Today is my 21st birthday. My boyfriend and one of my very best friends Allison planned THE most amazing Disney surprise EVER!

So I went to my boyfriend's room tonight just before midnight (we're in the same dorm a floor apart at Boston University's Myles Standish Hall), and he says "I have something for you chica."
He hands me a TREASURE MAP and a bandanna wrapping something up!

I open the bandanna and it's a pirate skull and cross bones pattern. I run to the mirror to tie it around my head. Wrapped inside is a note, written in DISNEY FONT that says:

Good morning Princess Ashlie, and Happy Birthday to you!
Pleasant dreams I hope you had (with Aurora in blue).
This morning you'll be treated to a birthday surprise.
You'll be given lots of clues, so keep open your eyes.
Three treasures you'll seek, hoping to loot.
(Much like those pirates who don't give a hoot).
Your hunt begins now, not a moment to spare!
For your first clue you must knock...if you dare!

A big mickey head is sitting at the bottom of the page.

So I am FREAKING out with excitement at this point and I go running out of the room and my boyfriend stops me and says 1)You should know Allison (my friend) had a LOT to do with this and 2)your first stop is here in the closet. Here, open it."
Inside is THE coolest princess bag you will EVER's a pink CASTLE that has all the princesses on it and doors that OPEN (with none other than Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella inside). He left the sticker on it that says "Remove to Open Doors" so I could do it myself!!!
Attached to the bag is a blue Happy Birthday balloon with Mickey on it!!!

So I go running out the door again and he goes "You're going the wrong way chica!" (There's a million stairwells to get upstairs to my room where the treasure map said but he was RIGHT! I had to follow the map, of course!" So we get to my suite where Allison has her own little side door. X marks the spot, her door. So I take the note's dare and knock.

Allison opens the door. All smiles and looks so dressed up and pretty! And she hands me this amazing 3-D Disney cup (that my bf Charlie bought) and she goes "Um, shouldn't you be looking for the next clue?" and so I start looking all around the room and she coughs "Checkthecup." DUR, the clue is taped under the cup. So on a little piece of paper, in DISNEY writing again, it says:

We know that Snow White is the fairest of them all,
But what's behind the mirror on the wall?

Now the ONLY mirror you can look behind is the medicine cabinet in our bathroom so I go running to that and see this amazing little box wrapped in none other than PIRATE wrapping paper!!! The clue taped to it says:

Belle was delighted to be their guest,
But are you as curious to see what's in the chest?

So Allison says I can open the present from the cabinet. It's this GORGEOUS golden pin with a Mickey pendant hanging off. Looks JUST like me and is an AMAZING addition to my pin collection! So the only place with a CHEST is her room. She told me later that she wanted to make sure that when I went in her room the clue had to do with HER favorite princess, Belle. I immediately check the chest and get a SUPER cool Pirates gift bag that looks kinda like a chest. Inside is tons of crumpled up paper along with a Marie stuffed kitty from the Aristocats!!! Oh my Mickey Mouse, SO CUTE! So after a little guidance again I am unfolding half the papers in the bag to find the next clue. I finally find the one with MORE Disney writing on it that says:

Aurora was sent out, and told not to roam,
Than found a birthday surprise upon returning home!

Now MY home is clearly MY room in OUR suite (Allison and I live together with one other girl in a suite in case you didn't figure that out yet) and so I go running into my room and I SCREAMED because my ENTIRE room was COMPLETELY decorated.





I was FREAKING...OUT. So I opened the card from Allison which was VERY sweet. Then I opened the gift, an Aurora snow globe to add to my snow globe collection. I...LOVE...IT.

Good gracious. Thennnn I opened my bf's present which was the princess bag (I was saving it). One awesome birthday card, and then another which was ARIEL SINGING PART OF YOUR WORLD which HAPPENED to be the song I sang at an AUDITION for BEAUTY AND THE BEAST at school tonight!!! (Which was an epic fail, but whatevs, I'm too happy to dwell on that now). Inside were MORE balloons to blow up (mini ones this time), party poppers,Tangerine Altoids (I love those, haha), and a BU shot glass (it IS my 21st after all). It was the "Princess Party Bag."


Then I turned on "Celebrate You" by Corbin Bleu and "Move it, Shake it, Celebrate it!" parade for the next hour or so and ran around enthusing about everything. I took pics and will take more tomorrow and try to put up a slide show at some point.

This was SO incredibly thoughtful and amazing of the two of them I cannot even BELIEVE it. Allison is a Disney COMPLETE fanatic like me so she was the one who wrote all the clues and made a huge majority of the magic happen. But my bf also bought the balloons and carried them through Yawkey Way (which is where Fenway Park is) DURING a Red Sox game so it was SO crowded.

I cannot enthuse enough nor thank them enough. I will never be a good enough friend to live up to this...but I will CERTAINLY TRY.

Thank you again, Allison and Charlie. I am SO grateful to you both and I love you guys.

Goodnight Disney followers! I'm off to Neverland!

PS - I forgot to mention that in February of 2008 I went to Walt Disney World and they had a Pirate and Princess Party and I didn't get to go and ALWAYS wanted to...then they got rid of that special night at the WDW parks. Tonight, I had my own completely magical Pirate AND Princess Party of my own with my friends. I am SO lucky.

PPS - Forgive the overly-excited nature of this post. It was just a magical moment I will never forget and I am writing it the same night everything happened.

Monday, September 7, 2009

"Quick! Quick! You have to..."

"...FIX MY HAIR!" the little girl bolted from the family room where Beauty and the Beast was on TV and into the kitchen.
"What? I'm making dinner," the little girl's mother said.
"But Mummy! Belle is going to turn into a princess now! I'm taking off my apron and putting on this dress! Can you please fix my hair so it's half up and half down so it looks like hers!? I'm pretending to be Belle!!!"
Two days after my interview I got my email. The screen shot was as follows:

In case you can't read it...the big red letters say "You should hear from us again in about 4-6 weeks." YIKES!!!!! That's mid October!!! I sure don't want to wish my last semester at college away but wow, I want to know what I will be doing (IF I don't get Character Performer) soon!

The way it works this year is that if you apply, they will chose one of your roles (for me, it would be Photopass, Concierge, or Attractions) and place you in it. Then, you will go to auditions and if you make it, they will bump you up. If not, you already have a place reserved. This is NEW to this DCP college semester. Before, you forewent all options and if you didn't make it in the audition, you may not have made it at all because all the spots would have been filled up. I am incredibly grateful for this new option.

Regardless, my top priority is, and will always be, being a Disney Princess or performer.

Have a magical day...I know I will!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"I have to go to the bathroom!!!"...

...the little girl wailed as the big black figure lined in red lights materialized out of the darkness. "I have to go, c'mon mummy I HAVE TO GO!!!"
"Ashlie, do you really have to go?" her mother asked skeptically.
"YES!" the little girl cried frantically as she tugged on her mother's hand.
"Honey, she has to go, just take her" her father said to her mother.
"She doesn't have to go!" the mother whispered, "She's just afraid!"
"Mummyyy! I have to go to the bathroom! Hurry!!!"
So her mother took her by the hand and gently maneuvered her out of the thick parade crowd. The little girl escaped the yellow glowing eyes of the horrible chernabog devil-monster of Bald Mountain and felt relief that she was far from his wide open wings.
"Are you sure you still have to go?" her mother asked gently - slightly exasperated but mostly amused - as they finally broke their way out of the crowd. The little girl looked over her shoulder and saw that three little pigs were on their way, as well as Snow White and her Seven Dwarfs. The evil chernabog had moved down the street away from where they had stood just a few moments before, in perilous danger from his evil influence. The soft, sweet music had returned and the white lights lit up the once-scary darkness. She was safe.
", I guess I can wait," she looked up at her mother with huge, innocent green eyes. Her mother sighed and took her back to the parade.

The anticipation waiting for today made me wish I could escape to the bathroom. Today was my interview and it was.....AMAZING! It was SO much fun and yet very nerve wracking at the same time.

So school has gotten very busy already, but I didn't want to leave you readers without telling you all about my interview! This is a recollection of word-for-word as best as I can remember almost a week later...

At EXACTLY 4:45pm my phone rang. "Private Calling." I screamed, not going to lie.

My boyfriend was sitting on my bed at college and one of my best friends ran out of the room, closing my door behind her.

"Hello?" I answered. Immediately a I exhaled a huge breath of unexpected relief and smiled.
"Hello, is this Ashlie?"
"It is."
"Hi, this is Kristen with the Disney College Program. You listed now as a good time to interview. Is this still a good time for you?"
"Oh yes! To tell you the truth, I'd say I've been waiting for this interview for hours or days, but truly I've been waiting for years. I am so excited!"
*She laughs* "Well, we won't keep you waiting any longer then."

Then she proceeded to explain the interview process. She'd start off with some introductory questions. Then she'd ask me about specific roles. Then she'd ask me some yes or no questions.

"So first, let me ask you, why do you want to do the Disney College Program?"
"I want to do the Disney College Program because I've been going to Disney World since I was a little girl, and as I got older, I realized it wasn't just the rides or attractions, but the cast members that made it a special experience. And that's what I want to do, to make the magic for other families too."
"How do you see this program fitting into your future career goals?"
"Well, I am going to school for Broadcast Journalism and Spanish, so besides Spanish being very useful in the parks, my broadcast skills are transferable to the communications department. And I know that Disney owns ABC and ESPN so that's great too." (That was kinda a stupid ending I think...woops.)
"So you listed these roles as your options, are you interested in our Quick Service Food and Beverage, one of our most popular attractions which includes responsibilities such as.......[insert list off of the CP website]...?"
"I'm afraid not, just because it doesn't fit into my future career goals."
"Ok. So could you please tell me your top three role options?"
"Sure! My top three roles in order are Character Performer, Photopass Photographer, and Concierge."
"Ok, for character performer, what experience do you have?"
Then I listed my theater productions, modern/lyrical/ballet/jazz training, and ballroom dancing, which I told her comes more easily to me, which was cool.
"Why do you want to do character performing as your top choice?"
"Well besides the fact that dancing and acting are my passions, when I was a little girl and played make believe, all I ever pretending to be WAS a Disney character!"
[Not bad, but I should have added that I wanted to make fairy tales come true for children now myself.]
"If a child came up to you and was acting aggressive, kicking, hitting, and yelling, and you were in a fur costume where you couldn't communicate verbally, what would you do?"
"I would probably back a safe distance away and hang my head. I would cover my eyes and look embarrassed or ashamed until the child calmed down."
"So the next role you listed was Photopass Photographer. Tell me, what experience do you have with photography?"
I listed my photo class, how we did composition and the actual developing so I had a new appreciation for that (stupid, useless babbling), my photo being in our school newspaper, and how I am an avid photographer.
"I love taking pictures of people, I love taking pictures of Disney, so taking pictures of people at Disney would be amazing. When we go on vacation, I take a lot of pictures...I mean A LOT."
[Hahahahaha, blonde much?]
"If you were a Photopass photographer, how would you up-sell a package to a family."
[Insert mental FREAK-OUT. I have NO idea how to answer this.]
"I would probably explain a package and if they seemed interested I would check to see if the father was the type to carry a wallet with pictures and tell him about a package with that or I would tell them that packages with more pictures allows them to share their memories not just at home but with other family members as well."
[EPIC FAIL. I was dancing around the topic because I was super nervous and temporarily confused. I could think of MUCH better answers now...of course. My main answer NOW would involve "Bringing the magic home and experiencing it over and over again every day or in every day life." I'm an idiot.]
"So the next one you chose was concierge. What experience have you had with guest services?"
"Well all my jobs that I have had have mainly dealt with guest services."
I proceeded to explain my job at the Club Room at Agganis how the clientele is the same as those who stay at concierge.
"What would you do if a VIP guest came in and requested a specific room view, such as a room with a pool view, and you could not give it to him. How would you explain this to him?"
"Well first I would explain that it is probably a very busy time of year and I'd check again and if we still couldn't give him this room then I'd explain our other room options and let him pick from those. If he was still very unhappy I'd offer him a free [UGH...don't say FREE Ash, should have said COMPLEMENTARY] dinner or mini golf or something like that to make his experience more magical. If he still was not happy, I would offer a manager."
[Not bad right?]
Then she decided to ask about attractions. Which scares me, because she didn't ask my friend about her fourth choice. So did I totally flunk all the other questions!? Anyways...
I got the infamous Space Mountain too-short question. I had this answer prepared and memorized inside and out.
"Well, first I would bend down to his eye level, because you don't want to be intimidating, you know? Then I would tell him that this ride was maybe a little too big for him right now but I'm sure when he comes back next time he would be perfect. BUT, since he was so brave to want to try Space Mountain, maybe he would be brave enough to take a ride in Goofy's airplane on Barnstormer! Then I'd stand up and briefly explain what the ride is to his mother/parent."
[Only thing I left out is I shoulda' given the kid a sticker.]
Then she asked me about my best and worst job experiences.
I said the best was the Club Room and the worst was Elevator Duty but even then I still got some guest interaction and I gave them directions.
"Every little bit helps," I said.
Throughout the interview she kinda asked me the same questions about guest services and photo experience but I don't really remember in what order.
Then she asked me about how did I feel about confining, hot costumes and standing for a long period of time. "No problem; in fact, I love the heat."
Photopass, what about carrying heavy 10lbs of equipment and working in multiple locations for many hours.
"Multiple locations would probably be my favorite part and I worked in banquet events over the summer and I carried 30 pounds of a tray on my shoulder for 14 hours, so it would be no problem."
Then she asked me the yes/no questions which was basically the end of the application to make sure we understood the rules about the Disney Look, accommodations, pay, etc.
Oh yeah, at some point she asked me about living with roommates, I don't really remember when.
"I have lived in a double occupancy room before - my freshman year of college - and my roommate became one of my very best friends."
Then she asked me if I had any questions.
I did. I asked her about audition dates (which were not posted at the time - now it's Nov. 2nd...more on that in another entry) and that I really wanted this did she have any advice/insight?
So she explained a little about the process and basically said be animated as much as possible.
Then I just thanked her profusely and told her that it has been my dream so thank you so much for your time [I THINK I said "Thank you, KRISTEN." I HOPE I did.]
Then we hung up.
18 minutes and 21 seconds [which I just remembered off the top of my head, and won't ever forget] according to my phone.

After telling my friend all about it and repeating it to my mom on the phone, I sat in this completely EUPHORIC phase. Literally sat on my floor, against the wall, and just smiled a huge, childish (slightly delirious) Disney smile. The interview of my life was over and I generally felt pretty awesome about it. [I am a little more nervous now because I have thought of many better answers since then, but it's ok.]

So there you have interview play-by-play. Next blog entry...the email...

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Once Upon a Time...

...there was a little girl who stood on a porch step in Frontierland. She stood with her small arm waving frantically back and forth greeting a world of enchantment as it danced before her eyes. Butterflies smiled and ostriches danced. Crabs sang and a magical genie conducted. It was all so magical but her whole world was about to change. For as the music swelled, around the corner came a magical coach lit in orange and green lights. The little girl's eyes sparkled as the lights suddenly glowed a golden white. Cinderella looked out of her coach at the little princess, waved gracefully in her lovely flowing gown, and smiled. The little girl's return smile was the most beautiful thing her mother had ever seen. From that moment on, the little girl knew that someday, somehow, she would be a Walt Disney World Princess too...

Fast forward 14 years and 15 return trips to Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. That little girl is now almost 21 years old, almost a college graduate, and on her way to making her dreams come true. But most of all, she is still that 7-year-old princess, waiting for a magical coach to take her to Fantasyland.


Tonight I applied for the Disney College Program. I was worried that I didn't answer some of the personality questions the way they should have been answered, but I was as honest as possible and thought through all my questions carefully.

I have been waiting for so long for it to finally be my turn. I have watched as many others have had their magical experiences and patiently stuck by my school work and day to day activities, all the while, Disney Dreaming. Tonight is the beginning of the rest of my life. Monday I call and make the phone interview. Tomorrow I move back into college for my last semester! Hooray!

Have a magical day!