Sunday, August 30, 2009

Once Upon a Time...

...there was a little girl who stood on a porch step in Frontierland. She stood with her small arm waving frantically back and forth greeting a world of enchantment as it danced before her eyes. Butterflies smiled and ostriches danced. Crabs sang and a magical genie conducted. It was all so magical but her whole world was about to change. For as the music swelled, around the corner came a magical coach lit in orange and green lights. The little girl's eyes sparkled as the lights suddenly glowed a golden white. Cinderella looked out of her coach at the little princess, waved gracefully in her lovely flowing gown, and smiled. The little girl's return smile was the most beautiful thing her mother had ever seen. From that moment on, the little girl knew that someday, somehow, she would be a Walt Disney World Princess too...

Fast forward 14 years and 15 return trips to Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. That little girl is now almost 21 years old, almost a college graduate, and on her way to making her dreams come true. But most of all, she is still that 7-year-old princess, waiting for a magical coach to take her to Fantasyland.


Tonight I applied for the Disney College Program. I was worried that I didn't answer some of the personality questions the way they should have been answered, but I was as honest as possible and thought through all my questions carefully.

I have been waiting for so long for it to finally be my turn. I have watched as many others have had their magical experiences and patiently stuck by my school work and day to day activities, all the while, Disney Dreaming. Tonight is the beginning of the rest of my life. Monday I call and make the phone interview. Tomorrow I move back into college for my last semester! Hooray!

Have a magical day!