Monday, September 21, 2009

Be Our Guest... our guest, put our service to the test!"
A handsome man in Beauty and the Beast kitchen garb reached out his hand to the little girl, whose eyes were as wide as the plates on his rolling cart, inviting her into the Share a Dream Come True Parade. It was her first experience being a part of the magic. They were bringing one of her favorite fairy tales to life right in front of her.

When she grew up...she wanted to bring the magic to life too...

I just got off the phone with the Disney College Program Recruiting Office. Jen, my recruiter, was SO incredibly kind. I told her that I just got accepted into attractions and she said: "Congratulations!"
I replied "Thank you! I never get tired of hearing about it because I am SO excited!...I just wanted to express my extreme gratitude because like I said I am SO excited and so thankful!"

Then I proceeded to tell her that "While I know there are no guarantees, I would like to make a request." She said "Ok" and asked for my first name, last name, and application number. (I LOVE how they ask for your name first, you are not just some number to them!)

"Ok, what ride would you like?"
"While I understand loading and unloading are an important part of making everything run smoothly for a great guest experience, I would like to work a ride that is more interactive with guests. I would like to bring the magic to life. That is why I would like to work the Great Movie Ride. Whenever we ride it I always like to sit in the front so I can be a part of it and I can see myself bringing it to life for other people as well!"
"Well, like you said, there are no guarantees, but I will definitely put that in your application."
"Thank you! I also have a few other questions if that is ok?"

1) Roommates/preassigned roommates. You cannot ask for one. But if you want to live with someone specific, you should coordinate to arrive on the same date and stand in line together.

2) Benefits extending beyond the CP. "Say I end my College Program at the beginning of August but my family would like to take a vacation in the middle of August." No benefits extend once you are no longer a cast member but you may become seasonal or a campus rep.

3) How to become seasonal. It depends truly on your role and you would have to speak to your manager once you get there/toward the end of your program.

4) Junior/Senior status regarding the Professional Internship. I will be technically graduating in January but there would be perfect opportunities for me considering my major and things I would be able to bring to the company (or something like that). She said I could just apply during my CP because during that time we are considered "enrolled in college." YAY!

I thanked her very much again (remembering to say "Jen"!) and she said "Have a great day!" I said "Thanks, you too! Have a magical day!" She laughed a little before she hung up. It kinda made my day.

Yay for a great start to a great sunny day!

Sorry John, gotta steal your line today...

It's the truth
It's actual
It's a Zip-a-dee-do-dah day!

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