Friday, September 11, 2009

"I promise to love you forever..."

...every single day of forever. Will you marry me?"

Ok, so far all of my pre-posts have been true memories but I totally stole that from Twilight's Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer. Edward says that to Bella and I think it is possibly the most well-chosen words of all proposals of all time.

But yes, why this ridiculous topic? Because my friend sent me this video this morning:

Yes, I realize it is a promo. But her genuine reaction you cannot fake. My theory: he is a CM doing this for a promo but in real life he is ALSO proposing to his real girlfriend.

So this sparks Allison and I to sit for an ENTIRE HOUR "YouTubing" Disneyland and Disney World proposals.

Which also sparks a list of "MUST HAVES" for our Disney proposal. (I wrote them in the order we thought of them - later went back and organized them according to categories.)

Disney Proposal Requirements

1) Setting: Cinderella Castle

2) Setting Specifications: Stage/Central Location in Front

3) Ambiance: Nice weather (a.k.a. sunny and warm)

4) Ambiance: Music must be somewhat synchronized with proposal and differ from the normal ambiance music of Cinderella Castle

5) Memories: Quality video taping

6) Memories: Different angles from video taping

7) Ambiance: Fireworks - may take place at night if appropriate

8) Details: Dancing must be involved

9) Details: Tux and/or top hat for him - Princess-ish dress for me (Good luck future boyfriend getting me to understand why you want us to dress like this without giving it away...special dinner ressies may help :D)

10) Content: Please, please, please surprise me!!! I am one of those people who LOVES surprises.

11) Content: A character MUST present the ring to you (preferably a favorite character - that would be none other than Mr. Mickey Mouse for me :) )

12) Content: No fighting between the couple 24 hours in advance. If fighting occurs, the proposal must be delayed.

13) Details: Perfect timing. Please don't rush it and please don't let it happen if I feel queasy after the Tea Cups. Thanks :)

14) Content: Please give me a decent speech. It doesn't have to be long, just heartfelt and nice. I'd like to know WHY you want to marry me instead of anyone else. And dear self: DO NOT JUMP THE GUN. Let him finish before you say the magic word "Yes."

15) Ambiance: Family must be present post-proposal...ok...even maybe during...(even if just my and your immediate families come out afterward for a day or so!)

Have a magical day!

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