Friday, September 18, 2009

"I solemnly swear..."

" uphold the laws of Mickey Mouse.
To always have fun..."

The little girl was sitting outside the bridge to Dinoland, USA, eating Petry Fries when a CM approached her...
"I like your pins!"
"You sure have a lot of Tinkerbell there. That one is a rare one for the Year of a Million Dreams...and you have 3 of them! You must have done a lot of special things to be given those!"
"Well, truthfully I was given one, and traded for the other 2..."

He proceeded to tell her that he was a member of the Dream Squad, how it worked, and chatted for a very long time.

In the end, he gave each member of the family an "Honorary Citizen of Walt Disney World" pin. She recited the promise to uphold the laws of Mickey Mouse with her hand held up, solemnly swearing that she would always have fun and spread the magic.

She had always known that she belonged in Walt Disney World..
.but she was an honorary citizen. Soon though...she would become a real citizen, a real member of the community...and it would happen on...


SEPTEMBER 18, 2009!!!!!!
While I did received the email at 11:33AM, I did not check it until 5-something PM. I had this FEELING that today was the day. I woke up after having a dream about ALLISON receiving that EXACT email with HER name and ATTRACTIONS on it! STRANGE RIGHT??? The sun was shining and there was not a cloud in the sky. I felt eternally happy. I had been thinking that I was going home tonight to be with my family, but that didn't work out tonight, but NOW I am celebrating with my boyfriend and friends. It was odd because I spent the ENTIRE afternoon planning what Allison and I were going to do once we got down there - restaurants, attractions, plans, etc. etc. etc. I then went to a private dance "tutor," you could call her, to see if she will help me with the Entertainment auditions (still my first choice). When Allison and I left Panera the sky was dark and sad and I was thinking to myself...I guess today is NOT the day. But I secretly thought (rather dramatically) "Maybe the sun will be shining JUST on MY dorm." SURE ENOUGH...we got off the bus and the SUN WAS SHINING THE BLOCK OVER MY DORM!!!!!!! My heart accelerated and my stomach flipped as I headed to the mailboxes...EMPTY. "I guess today is not the day..." I said sadly.

I went to see my boyfriend in his room. He was going through and deleting his emails until finally I go "Can I please check my emails now before I BUST?!" Somehow, something magical inside of me knew that "Fate stepped in to see me through." I logged on with my heart beginning to race again...

"There it is!" I whispered loudly to myself.
I clicked.
"I GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed!
"You got accepted?"
"To attractions!"
I jumped up from the chair, started clapping my hands together, and jumped up and down like a child singing "I'm going to Disney World! I'm going to Disney World!!!"

I proceeded to call my mom, who is excited for me and knew that this has been my dream forever but definitely a little hesitant that I have a full college degree and am going to be running rides...but that's ok...I consider this a segway (haha, segway) into my professional career with Walt Disney World.
Then I ran upstairs to my room and banged on Allison's suite door (which is in the hallway and locked even though I could just come in through our suite mate's room with the key...hahahahaha, the dramatic effect was achieved)...
"Today WAS the day!!!!" I shouted.

Continue with phone calls, hugs all around, and then I finally sat down to read the packet. Seeing "Congratulations" and the beautiful purple color will never get old.

I cannot WAIT to get my Purple Folder in the mail.

Anyways, after reading the packet I sat down and clicked around to accept. Here is what happened...

I tried to make sure it was short because long Vlogs I stop watching after about 2 minutes...

Stay tuned for updates!

Now I have some serious thinking to do about scheduling, living arrangements, etc. I will be calling a recruiter on Monday with ETERNAL thanks and a few questions.

Until then...

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust to all you out there waiting!

When you wish upon a star...your dreams...come...true...

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