Monday, September 7, 2009

"Quick! Quick! You have to..."

"...FIX MY HAIR!" the little girl bolted from the family room where Beauty and the Beast was on TV and into the kitchen.
"What? I'm making dinner," the little girl's mother said.
"But Mummy! Belle is going to turn into a princess now! I'm taking off my apron and putting on this dress! Can you please fix my hair so it's half up and half down so it looks like hers!? I'm pretending to be Belle!!!"
Two days after my interview I got my email. The screen shot was as follows:

In case you can't read it...the big red letters say "You should hear from us again in about 4-6 weeks." YIKES!!!!! That's mid October!!! I sure don't want to wish my last semester at college away but wow, I want to know what I will be doing (IF I don't get Character Performer) soon!

The way it works this year is that if you apply, they will chose one of your roles (for me, it would be Photopass, Concierge, or Attractions) and place you in it. Then, you will go to auditions and if you make it, they will bump you up. If not, you already have a place reserved. This is NEW to this DCP college semester. Before, you forewent all options and if you didn't make it in the audition, you may not have made it at all because all the spots would have been filled up. I am incredibly grateful for this new option.

Regardless, my top priority is, and will always be, being a Disney Princess or performer.

Have a magical day...I know I will!

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