Saturday, September 26, 2009


...the girl said breathlessly as she peeked through a little window in her school mailbox. What may have looked like an ordinary, obscure envelope shoved in a tin rectangle appeared to be a shining beacon of white light to her.

She was just looking through the hole, admiring it when her boyfriend brought her back to reality...

"Well open it then!"

The girl's fingers hurriedly twisted the dial to unlock her combination, un-scrunched the giant white envelope, and saw "Disney Worldwide Services, Inc."

She already had received her email. But it didn't matter. An enormous grin spread across her face and she hugged the envelope to her chest. It had finally arrived. Her purple folder. The item she had been waiting for years was finally hers.


I have a surprise coming up for you all in the next couple days. It involves not doing my homework tonight but embarking on a new project...keep checking back!

Regardless, tonight I checked my mail again (this week I had finally stopped obsessively checking it), and saw that I got my Purple Folder! It was like being accepted all over again and the same excitement was there, if not amplified.

Tonight I am going through all the logistical processes. I didn't accept and pay the money right away because I had a lot to think about. I was OBVIOUSLY going but "When?" and "How" were the questions.

The official verdict?

Check-in: January 20
Actual Arrival Date: January 19
Method of Arrival: Flying


"Ashlie, you've just received your Purple Folder...what are you going to do now?"
"I'm going to DISNEY WORLD!!!"


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