Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"We can take a cab if you want..."

"No, no, it's fine..." the girl said, now 20 years old, no longer a "little girl." Then why was she still dancing foot to foot, waiting for another day at Walt Disney World? Because the magic was still there. The fantasy element had not been ruined in the least over the last 13 years and 15 trips. Everything was still as perfect and wonderful as her little 7-year-old self saw it. Mickey was still Mickey and the princesses still stepped out of their fairy tales and into her lives. Today, she was going to see Mickey and his friends open the park for her. She had never seen it before. She was up so early with her aunt and now they were waiting for the bus.

The minutes passed, the bus arrived at the hotel (she wanted to tell the driver to please step on it! She didn't want to miss it!), and soon they were at the Magic Kingdom gates. But...behold...twas nearly empty! In fact...the park did not open until NINE AM, and there she was at 5 minutes to 8. So what did she do? She waited. She kept herself busy by hula hooping and imagining herself to be the little girl again.

She waited. And waited. And waited. The anticipation grew at the time grew nearer to Mickey's arrival. And in the was worth it.

I got a notification in my email yesterday that I had a package downstairs. I started screaming to my bf..."THIS COULD BE IT!!!!!!!!!!"
I then proceeded to SPRINT down the dorm hallway to get to the elevator, danced like I had to use the restroom while I was in there, power-walked to the mail room, opened my mailbox combo (my hands are shaking and my heart is beating a hundred miles an hour), I hand them my slip, they get a package................

..........and it's a big brown cardboard contraption holding my last book I needed for school. My bf catches up to me and goes "was it it!??!"

Me..."EPIC. FAIL."

Then I realized later that the next package notification I get will be it!

Until then...back to obsessively checking my emails...

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