Monday, October 26, 2009

"I do believe in fairies!..."

...the girl almost started crying while eating her breakfast and watching Peter Pan, the live-action version. The music began to fill the room as Peter confessed that he truly knew his little friend was the real thing. Suddenly, she recognized the music...the Year of a Million Dreams theme. Tears welled up in her eyes and she was transported into a place of magic and wonder. All on a early summer morning before work... ************************************************************************************************
I finally finished that surprise I promised you guys a few entries ago. I hope you enjoy it! If you can't comment here, let me know what you think on the Youtube comment section! Thanks!

Thank you for reading...and I wish you magic dreams...


Days later...

I cannot get Youtube to upload this video correctly and have tried over 5 times...I am going to get some help from one of our tech guys at BU's College of Communication next week.

Until's other news...


I am so excited and so incredibly nervous. I go through feelings of "I'm going to rock it! I'm terrified! I'm going to be intimidated! I'm going to be amazing! I'm going to forget things! I'm going to shine!" all in a series of literally about 20 seconds.

Being friends with a Disney character has been my dream from the time I realized I could do so (about 10 years old when I realized Santa was friends with my mom and dad - I'm sure you Disney people understand what I am saying). Now that I am older I would be even more grateful to be a parade dancer!

I could not have prepared any more:

I am taking a ballroom dance class.
I am part of BU's Ballroom Dance Club (one lesson a week).
I hired a student choreographer to get together with me once a week as private lessons to teach me basic and interesting moves and sweep up the cobwebs draped over my muscle memory from high school and earlier.
I watch online videos of dance routines and try to learn them quickly to sharpen my mind.
I practice my animation in front of the mirror every couple of days.
I research every possible thing I can about the audition process and talk to as many people as I can who have been to one.

Yeah...I don't know what else to do. But I can't help but start getting all sweaty-palmed with a heart beating a hundred miles an hour as soon as I start to think about it!

I have my outfit almost all planned out and bought my character shoes this summer. I know it's about smiling and having fun...and I will...I promise! I just want it to go if not perfectly, then as well as it could go...

I got this in my email a few days ago...I love how Disney really takes care of you and guides you along the way.

I have been waiting for so long! How could I forget? :)

Of course, now that the waiting is almost over...I almost wish that I had more time to practice, work on things, and prepare!

Well, I'll just try my best and let God and Disney take care of the rest.

Wish me luck and have a magical day!

any dream is possible
wishes do come true
you can reach the stars if you just believe
share the magic in your heart

there's nothing you can't do

cause anything is possible

so find the dream inside of you

I've found my dream...please Disney, help make it come true!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

" guys go to BU?"

...the girl asked hesitantly of a group of two boys and a girl walking into the room. It was a cold October in late afternoon and she was attending a Disney College Program Campus presentation at Northeastern University. How lucky she was to have met some people from her school!

They all began to chat and sat together at the presentation. She sat in between the pretty girl and the guy with shaggy hair. She alternated between the two of them, chatting about all things Disney, comparing trip counts (the girl had been as many times as she!?) and talking about best places to listen to Disney music.

The pretty girl raised her hand when the Recruiter asked the group a trivia question and received a purple Disney College Program pen. The girl was proud of her new friend's knowledge and a little jealous that she was not the one to have received the pen. The two girls exchanged numbers.

At the end of the presentation, they were the only ones who decided not to apply for the program early and do the phone interview...just to say that they did it because both knew they could not go.

A few months, a few dinners, and hundreds of text messages later, the girls were fast becoming good friends.

More months passed. Sleepovers ensued. Soon the girls were extremely close.

More months passed. Decisions about being suite mates the next semester were made. Summer came. The girls talked every day despite their long-distance friendship. They were best friends.

The end of summer came and the school year began. Both girls applied to the Disney College Program, supported one another throughout the interview process, wait, and finally...ACCEPTANCE. Both their dreams were unfolding in front of each others' eyes. They were like sisters.

But one day, a troubling situation occurred...

I got this in my email today:

Ugh...the dreaded need to make a decision is upon me. I want to room with Allison, but she is only 19. I am 21. That would place me in Wellness Housing. I would normally have no problem with this but there are a few things I am taking into consideration, and it has been a constant stress in my life.

Here are some things I am forced to think about:


1) I am a little afraid of the maturity level. Being 18 vs. 21 and having all of college behind you vs. one semester is very different.

2) I want to live in Patterson and she wants to live in Chatham.

3) I am by no means a partier, but I do enjoy a glass of wine (not that I really buy it...I usually go out to a classy place). Wellness = no-alcohol ever, which I understand and truly respect.

4) If my apartment-mates decided to engage in illicit activities such as underage drinking, I feel like that would put me in a position of blame and responsibility, even if I did not do anything. I will NOT let something as stupid as alcohol ruin my career with the Walt Disney Company.

5) I am not sure she even wants to room with me anymore now that I have mentioned these things. I hope she isn't ruling me out completely yet. It's kind of an awkward topic to bring up.

6) I do want to meet new people and I'm afraid that I will not branch out as much if I am not forced out of my comfort zone (I can be shy sometimes, though college mostly broke me of that habit).


1) Being placed with people who are closer to "my age" will surround me with people who understand what it is like to be graduating and facing the real world. Many will not be returning to college and having new friends who can relate to me would be fantastic.

2) Allison is one of my best friends. We have been in this together from Day 1. Enough said.

3) This is going to be a huge change. Having someone who knows me and having such a comfort from home would be so fantastic.

4) Allison and I have lived together this semester. I think it has worked out marvelously. We understand that we can still have our own lives but having someone to "come home to" means a lot. Being roommates brings your bond closer.

5) I already know Allison. All the difficult adjustments with a new place and a new roommate would be eliminated. We even have similar living habits.

6) If we lived together, it would be the best way to maintain contact, even if we have completely different shifts, etc. Plus she's going back to BU after the DCP...I don't want to miss out on precious time together!

Notes about living in Non-Wellness:

1) I think there will be less people so I will have a better chance of getting the housing complex/rooming situation that I want.

2) If I live in Non-Wellness and roommate or apartment friends are drinking, is that going to make it so Allison and other under-21s can't visit?

3) I had a roommate matched up with my my freshman year of college and she ended up being one of my other best friends. Why not let Disney help me make another new best friend?

4) If I wait to decide and do not do roommate notification, I could end up with a roommate who is as manipulatory as Jafar, as revenge-driven as Ursula, as jealous as the Evil Queen, as power-hungry as Scar, as vain as Gaston, as purely evil as Malificent, as inconsiderate and unkind as Lady Tremaine, as dishonest as Stromboli, as crazy as Sykes, as wicked and judgmental as Frollo, as backstabbing as Hades...or all of the above! AHHH!!! (I seriously considered continuing, but I decided to stop...)

In all seriousness, I don't know what to do.

I hope fate steps in to see me through. Where's Jiminy Cricket when I need him?

Hope Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust are enough to get me through this!

Have a magical evening!