Monday, October 26, 2009

"I do believe in fairies!..."

...the girl almost started crying while eating her breakfast and watching Peter Pan, the live-action version. The music began to fill the room as Peter confessed that he truly knew his little friend was the real thing. Suddenly, she recognized the music...the Year of a Million Dreams theme. Tears welled up in her eyes and she was transported into a place of magic and wonder. All on a early summer morning before work... ************************************************************************************************
I finally finished that surprise I promised you guys a few entries ago. I hope you enjoy it! If you can't comment here, let me know what you think on the Youtube comment section! Thanks!

Thank you for reading...and I wish you magic dreams...


Days later...

I cannot get Youtube to upload this video correctly and have tried over 5 times...I am going to get some help from one of our tech guys at BU's College of Communication next week.

Until's other news...


I am so excited and so incredibly nervous. I go through feelings of "I'm going to rock it! I'm terrified! I'm going to be intimidated! I'm going to be amazing! I'm going to forget things! I'm going to shine!" all in a series of literally about 20 seconds.

Being friends with a Disney character has been my dream from the time I realized I could do so (about 10 years old when I realized Santa was friends with my mom and dad - I'm sure you Disney people understand what I am saying). Now that I am older I would be even more grateful to be a parade dancer!

I could not have prepared any more:

I am taking a ballroom dance class.
I am part of BU's Ballroom Dance Club (one lesson a week).
I hired a student choreographer to get together with me once a week as private lessons to teach me basic and interesting moves and sweep up the cobwebs draped over my muscle memory from high school and earlier.
I watch online videos of dance routines and try to learn them quickly to sharpen my mind.
I practice my animation in front of the mirror every couple of days.
I research every possible thing I can about the audition process and talk to as many people as I can who have been to one.

Yeah...I don't know what else to do. But I can't help but start getting all sweaty-palmed with a heart beating a hundred miles an hour as soon as I start to think about it!

I have my outfit almost all planned out and bought my character shoes this summer. I know it's about smiling and having fun...and I will...I promise! I just want it to go if not perfectly, then as well as it could go...

I got this in my email a few days ago...I love how Disney really takes care of you and guides you along the way.

I have been waiting for so long! How could I forget? :)

Of course, now that the waiting is almost over...I almost wish that I had more time to practice, work on things, and prepare!

Well, I'll just try my best and let God and Disney take care of the rest.

Wish me luck and have a magical day!

any dream is possible
wishes do come true
you can reach the stars if you just believe
share the magic in your heart

there's nothing you can't do

cause anything is possible

so find the dream inside of you

I've found my dream...please Disney, help make it come true!

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