Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I just found out something extremely exciting!!!

But for Disney integrity...I can't tell you ;)

So, you'll just have to wait and see!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Dear Airlines, Regal Sun Resort, Orlando Palm Trees and Sun...


I just booked my flight and hotel for the day before check-in!!! Can't wait to jump on my beds, go to Earl of Sandwich, and play at DtD with Mere :)

So I'm COMPLETELY nervous as all get-out. I almost pulled my hair out from stress by the time church was over today because instead of paying attention I thought of all the challenges
that were ahead of me (sorry, God). I'm not going to get into them now, because I don't need to
be all down when this exciting event has taken place!

Here are the screen shots to prove it! (Most of the information has been removed for confidentiality purposes...but it's still fun to show!!!) EDIT: Upon more thought, I'm even more paranoid about being stalked, so all you basically see is the hotel and the fact that I'm flying, lol. Sorry :) People are creepy these days. Not you guys, OBV, but other anonymous people who may or may not read this! HAHA!

Have a magical night!!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Should I reconsider my career path?

How about a Disney Florist?

I made these for my mom as her Christmas present. I couldn't think of anything to get her because she is SO hard to buy for (yes, ending my sentence in a dangling preposition...oh no!!!). Every year we get a beautiful centerpiece from a florist, but we didn't last year because
Christmas Eve wasn't at our house, and we didn't this year because it is just SO expensive and we ran out of time.

So I decided to try my hand at "florestry"(also not a word - my grammar rocks at this time of night!) and get all the supplies (not as easy as you'd think!!!) and put together an arrangement for my mom/Christmas/the family.

With some leftovers I made a mini arrangement that is going in my bathroom :). Before you start thinking, "What a waste!," worry not, because over Christmas Eve we have family over. The then SLEEP over, and we all open presents together Christmas morning. It is the BEST
tradition in the WORLD!

So...what do you think of my arrangements? How do you spend Christmas Eve?

PS - My mom loved the surprise :)

Have a magical night!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

"Ma'am, this show is FULL!!!"

She hated this one part of Disney. It could ruin an entire day............MEAN Cast Members. They were few and far between. They showed up only once every few trips.Today, she was a red-head.


Whatever, she'd be off to the bathroom and back before anyone missed her.

Cept, the gate was closed. That's ok, just let the CM know you were here and that's your family right on the other side...

Ooorrrrr, not.

"Hi, could you please open the gate and let me in?"
"I'm sorry ma'am, this show is full."
"Oh I know, that's my family over there...I was here."
"Ma'am, this show is FULL!"

The CM angrily stalks away, leaving the girl fuming and debating climbing over the silver railing. Her whole family had witnessed the scene, as had other horrified CMs.

Another, marginally more pleasant, CM came over and explained that they always left room for a few extras, that the girl could come in, but they normally wouldn't do this.

Well...just about the whole family was in an uproar. So was the girl. Forget Turtle Talk with
Crush...she'd watch it another day with more pleasant CMs who WANTED HER THERE! She would march up to that CM, ask her name, and send her PACKING by the time she talked to her supervisor.

...But the girl didn't say a word. As her family ranted and raved, she thought about how much pressure the mean CM must be under. Maybe this was one of her first shifts and she had been told to keep the number strict no matter what. Maybe something awful had gone on in her personal life. Maybe she was just having a bad day. She didn't deserve to lose her job or be severely punished after a bad incident with a plethora of variables.

Slowly the girl's anger dissipated. Maybe it was the Disney atmosphere. Maybe it was just in her personality to think the best of people.

Anyways...crisis avoided...and all enjoyed Turtle Talk with Crush.


So I went Christmas shopping tonight. And of course, what trip would be complete without a trip to...THE DISNEY STORE!?

There, I found a million things I wanted for me (none of them age appropriate nor would any of the princess dresses fit...sadness), but I also found a fantastic gift for my 2.5-year-old cousin.

And yes, I got it on sale.

Now a lot of people would think...WOW, a tea set for a toddler that young? But let me tell you...she is SMART!

And, I bought an instruction manual of sorts...a storybook called Belle's Tea Party.

I'd like to think that's a win :) go along with the theme of my story today...

At the Disney Store there was a horrifyingly grumpy woman. Us customers were waiting and she didn't have any more change. She looked grumpy as could be and told the girl working to open the other register. The girl asked kindly if she could just go get an order from someone on the phone off the shelf quickly.

"NO. You can do that AFTER."

So the poor bewildered girl opens the other register and offers "Next in line?"

That was me. I felt SO bad for her.

I looked directly at the mean woman who was clearly having a bad night and said, half to cheer her up, half to reprimand her..."Smile!" No response, so quick pause, then..."You work at the Disney Store! You HAVE to smile!" She gives me a somewhat relieved smile, which quickly turned into a tight smile, and then a frown again. I gave up sadly and the poor cashier girl now says "It's been a long night."

"I can imagine," I mumbled sympathetically.

"You're all set. Have a magical holiday season!" the girl finished our transaction as cheerfully as she could. I was momentarily stunned and then with all the warmth I could muster I simply replied, "Thanks! too."

Then we left.

I did what I could, and you can't win 'em all.................................................but at least I got stickers out of the deal :D

Can't wait to be a perpetually happy CM!!! I hope someday someone will be merciful to me or try to cheer me up if I perchance happen to have a bad day...

Anyways, have a magical evening readers,


PS - Keep voting! The numbers between post about my everyday mundane life and simply posting more relevant things more often is close!

So today I posted a mundane thing and related it to Disney. Let me know what you think!

PPS - Please limit one vote per person...thanks!

Monday, December 21, 2009

A magic spell in the black of night...

"...With a scream of fright. Ahhhhhh! And a bolt of light! Turn my hair to white. Ah hahahaha!"

The girl cowered on the metal bench. She put her feet up and wrapped her arms around her legs and rested her chin on her knees, as if curling into a little ball would make the evil magic go away.

This evil witch come right after the princesses' love stories! Her beautiful happily-ever-after had been shattered by an evil cackle.

"Now I'll turn that little mouse's dream into a nightmare Fantasmic...Imagine this! Ah hahahaha!"


So while doing my usual obsessive compulsive Youtube video watching, I came upon the video below. Watch's amazing. Thanks xHeavyMetalPapillonx for letting me use this video! (Visit his channel in the link!)

I was kind of terrified after watching it. Gave me chills...the appropriate evil side of Disney chills.

And that got me to thinking. I've been feeling kinda bad since I got rejected from the audition. Combine that with the fact that going to fulfill my dreams of working at Disney involves leaving my family and friends and my boyfriend of two years here at home, graduating from college early, trying be on my own for the first time, etc....well, I'm sure you can imagine that I haven't been as excited as I should be.

And I didn't want to resent Disney. But I had been wishing and praying that they'd make my dreams come least I could become a character performer. But no, my dreams were dashed. How could the company I love more than anything (even knowing their strong business saavy tactics, the real side of Disney competition, etc.) hurt me so badly? But to have my passion turned into something I fear/despise is my worst nightmare. I obviously wasn't going to let that happen. So where did that leave me? Some sort of limbo of feeling sorry for myself and having nowhere to put the blame. But this video made me think...

Disney created these wonderful stories of fairy tales, princes, princesses, far off lands, and magical miracles. This was the Disney I always dreamed of. But I was missing something...

The Evil.

Disney has a wonderfully malicious cast of evil characters who will stop at nothing to try to thwart the dreams of the hero/heroine of the story. But the hero/heroine never ever EVER gives up. (Or they're rescued by a handsome prince, you know... :).) But one way or the other, they are forced to go through some serious trial and tribulations. I had forgotten how sad, disheartened, frightened, or upset they were, and just how evil these antagonists were until seeing this video.

Now before you go running off to the next D-Fam member saying "Ashlie thinks Disney is the Evil Queen!" that is NOT what I am saying. What I am trying to get across is that there are going to be thing/people/emotions that get in my way along my path to making my fairy tale come true. Anyone who says that "life isn't perfect like Disney" clearly hasn't watched the movies or seen this video. Their lives aren't perfect; they are hard and full of struggle. It is the triumph at the end that everyone remembers.

So just as the heroes fought that dragon, pushed that witch off the cliff, hauled away that governor, put that evil genie in the lamp, left that cruel stepmother behind, beat up that conceited jerk, and ran that octo-woman through with a boat, I shall perform all other sorts of magical miracles (though I know, luckily, my means don't have to be violent like these because my opponents - my own fears/doubts - are not so evil).

Now...does anyone have a shield of virtue or a sword of truth?
How about a fairy godmother?
How about just a plane ticket for my Prince?

In the end, true love conquors all and good triumphs over evil. I'll be ok :)


"Some imagination, huh? haha!"

Mickey Would Want Democracy...

So I read a lot of blogs where people frequently post interesting/funny things going on in their lives. If their lives are mundane and boring, they make them sound interesting anyways. What do you you guys want to get to know me better or do you like this blog as strictly monumental DCP updates? I won't be offended either way, haha.

Also, many blogs are strictly informative. Would you like me to start adding more info about "how to do this in the DCP, how to do that." I kinda figured there were enough blogs out there like that, but perhaps this is a good resource.

Anyways, I figured with now having 24 followers (thank you so much I appreciate each and every one of you!!!), I should start taking opinions...

Once I see an option clearly winning over the others, I shall pick a topic. Until then, au revior!

ERM...PS - DID I MENTION I AM FINISHED WITH COLLEGE!?!?!?! Two degrees - BS in Broadcast Journalism and a BA in Spanish Language and Literature - in 3.5 years...yay me :)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Hello readers.

This video has been long overdue, but I finally figured out for the first time how to compress a video so it doesn't fail to upload!

Without further ado...

Have a magical day!!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Good News!!!

Just a quick note, faithful readers...

I'd like everyone to give John from The Purple Folder blog a huge resounding "THANK YOU" because he fixed my commenting issue.

You can now comment on ALL my posts. Even better, you can now go back and comment on other posts if you had something to say, if you'd like!

Hope you're having a magical day!