Monday, December 21, 2009

A magic spell in the black of night...

"...With a scream of fright. Ahhhhhh! And a bolt of light! Turn my hair to white. Ah hahahaha!"

The girl cowered on the metal bench. She put her feet up and wrapped her arms around her legs and rested her chin on her knees, as if curling into a little ball would make the evil magic go away.

This evil witch come right after the princesses' love stories! Her beautiful happily-ever-after had been shattered by an evil cackle.

"Now I'll turn that little mouse's dream into a nightmare Fantasmic...Imagine this! Ah hahahaha!"


So while doing my usual obsessive compulsive Youtube video watching, I came upon the video below. Watch's amazing. Thanks xHeavyMetalPapillonx for letting me use this video! (Visit his channel in the link!)

I was kind of terrified after watching it. Gave me chills...the appropriate evil side of Disney chills.

And that got me to thinking. I've been feeling kinda bad since I got rejected from the audition. Combine that with the fact that going to fulfill my dreams of working at Disney involves leaving my family and friends and my boyfriend of two years here at home, graduating from college early, trying be on my own for the first time, etc....well, I'm sure you can imagine that I haven't been as excited as I should be.

And I didn't want to resent Disney. But I had been wishing and praying that they'd make my dreams come least I could become a character performer. But no, my dreams were dashed. How could the company I love more than anything (even knowing their strong business saavy tactics, the real side of Disney competition, etc.) hurt me so badly? But to have my passion turned into something I fear/despise is my worst nightmare. I obviously wasn't going to let that happen. So where did that leave me? Some sort of limbo of feeling sorry for myself and having nowhere to put the blame. But this video made me think...

Disney created these wonderful stories of fairy tales, princes, princesses, far off lands, and magical miracles. This was the Disney I always dreamed of. But I was missing something...

The Evil.

Disney has a wonderfully malicious cast of evil characters who will stop at nothing to try to thwart the dreams of the hero/heroine of the story. But the hero/heroine never ever EVER gives up. (Or they're rescued by a handsome prince, you know... :).) But one way or the other, they are forced to go through some serious trial and tribulations. I had forgotten how sad, disheartened, frightened, or upset they were, and just how evil these antagonists were until seeing this video.

Now before you go running off to the next D-Fam member saying "Ashlie thinks Disney is the Evil Queen!" that is NOT what I am saying. What I am trying to get across is that there are going to be thing/people/emotions that get in my way along my path to making my fairy tale come true. Anyone who says that "life isn't perfect like Disney" clearly hasn't watched the movies or seen this video. Their lives aren't perfect; they are hard and full of struggle. It is the triumph at the end that everyone remembers.

So just as the heroes fought that dragon, pushed that witch off the cliff, hauled away that governor, put that evil genie in the lamp, left that cruel stepmother behind, beat up that conceited jerk, and ran that octo-woman through with a boat, I shall perform all other sorts of magical miracles (though I know, luckily, my means don't have to be violent like these because my opponents - my own fears/doubts - are not so evil).

Now...does anyone have a shield of virtue or a sword of truth?
How about a fairy godmother?
How about just a plane ticket for my Prince?

In the end, true love conquors all and good triumphs over evil. I'll be ok :)


"Some imagination, huh? haha!"


  1. I love this post because
    A. I love Fantasmic! to death.
    B. That side of Disney movies, the non-perfect one, is something I haven't really thought about. I love that. And it's true. For all of the protagonists, life sucks for at least a little bit. Thanks for a new perspective! :)

  2. Look at Tiana!!! MOST of her life sucks! She finally gets a happily ever after...after sooo much work!

    Oh...and thank you verrryyy much, both for reading and the compliments :)