Monday, December 21, 2009

Mickey Would Want Democracy...

So I read a lot of blogs where people frequently post interesting/funny things going on in their lives. If their lives are mundane and boring, they make them sound interesting anyways. What do you you guys want to get to know me better or do you like this blog as strictly monumental DCP updates? I won't be offended either way, haha.

Also, many blogs are strictly informative. Would you like me to start adding more info about "how to do this in the DCP, how to do that." I kinda figured there were enough blogs out there like that, but perhaps this is a good resource.

Anyways, I figured with now having 24 followers (thank you so much I appreciate each and every one of you!!!), I should start taking opinions...

Once I see an option clearly winning over the others, I shall pick a topic. Until then, au revior!

ERM...PS - DID I MENTION I AM FINISHED WITH COLLEGE!?!?!?! Two degrees - BS in Broadcast Journalism and a BA in Spanish Language and Literature - in 3.5 years...yay me :)

1 comment:

  1. I, for one, would fully enjoy if you posted all the time. :)

    And CONGRATULATIONS on finishing college! (and in 3.5 years... that's ridiculous!!)