Thursday, December 24, 2009

Should I reconsider my career path?

How about a Disney Florist?

I made these for my mom as her Christmas present. I couldn't think of anything to get her because she is SO hard to buy for (yes, ending my sentence in a dangling preposition...oh no!!!). Every year we get a beautiful centerpiece from a florist, but we didn't last year because
Christmas Eve wasn't at our house, and we didn't this year because it is just SO expensive and we ran out of time.

So I decided to try my hand at "florestry"(also not a word - my grammar rocks at this time of night!) and get all the supplies (not as easy as you'd think!!!) and put together an arrangement for my mom/Christmas/the family.

With some leftovers I made a mini arrangement that is going in my bathroom :). Before you start thinking, "What a waste!," worry not, because over Christmas Eve we have family over. The then SLEEP over, and we all open presents together Christmas morning. It is the BEST
tradition in the WORLD!

So...what do you think of my arrangements? How do you spend Christmas Eve?

PS - My mom loved the surprise :)

Have a magical night!


  1. gorgeous!!! new PI maybe?


  2. just came across your blog through fellow cp'ers! just wanted to say the arrangements look awesome, im glad your mom liked them! im looking forward to reading your experiences in the cp! :)