Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"If you don't like our service or the flight is too long...there are six exits..."

"...two in the back, two in the middle, and two in the front."

The girl started giggling uncontrollably as she clicked her metal seatbelt into place.

"...oxygen masks will appear from secret compartments above your head. When that happens, immediately stop screaming, let go of your neighbor!"

Tears started running down the girl's face as she gasped for air and tried to control her laughter in order not to interrupt the Southwest flight attendant's most entertaining safety spiel.

"...So that's it. Sit back, relax...or sit forward all twisted, the choice is really yours..."

The girl couldn't stop herself anymore and burst out laughing. The best part? She was sitting in the bulk head seat and got to congratulate the pretty flight attendant on her hilarious speech.

It sounded something like this, but her flight attendant was a woman, and the flight was to Orlando. But here's a taste of the hilarity:


Soon...I will be on a flight on my way to Orlando!!! The jet engines will roar and I will lean further forward with every mile we pick up, as if I were running on the highway and taking flight on my own! 6 Days!!!

To-Do List Check-up:
  • Fill out my On-Boarding Paperwork (Cept my W-4)
  • Purchase a Tradition's outfit
  • Get an official copy of my birth certificate OR find SS Card
  • Pack (for hours and hours since I am very indecisive)
  • Purchase a couple more pairs of shorts (! I get excited every time I think of leaving the dead of a Massachusetts' winter for eternal Floridian summer :) )
  • Make sure I have all my toiletries/makeup
  • Make sure I have all my movies/room decoration (that will fit on my bulletin board, of course)
  • Make sure I have all my electronics
  • Defrag my computer and this other thing that I can't remember what it's called to make it faster
  • Figure out the Mears Shuttle Bus schedule/cab numbers for Orlando (Gotta buy my ticket now!)
  • Call the Recruiting number and request my graduation and a couple days before off in advance
  • Set up a new email address and let everyone know
  • Send all the pictures from my old phone to my email and activate my new phone (using it, but not with all the benefits)
  • Do my Financial Aid exit counseling (So...I can't. Until after Jan 25th. Long story.)
  • Learn how to cook (HAHA, yeah right!) (I have decided that I will figure it out as I go along...and hope that friends will cook for me so I don't starve, haha!)
  • Get a haircut (I did today! It's mostly just a trim...)
  • Buy Disney-Look work earrings
  • Do my nails
  • Reserve Mears Shuttle Ticket - also ask Disney about the coupon because the one online is only valid through 12/31/09
So basically, only girly stuff and packing left! YIKES! Which is good though, because I really only have 2 days left...aka: today and tomorrow. Friday is Boston with the boy and my BU friends! (Cuz I clearly haven't mentioned that before).

Short shout out to my fellow BU students who are starting Spring 2010 semester! ENJOY! COLLEGE PASSES BY FAR TOO QUICKLY!

Have a magical (and productive) day everyone!

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  1. does southwest always do that? because that's AWESOME!

    let us know how flying down works out, too - i might fly down when the time comes but the whole packing everything seems super hard, since i'm a chronic over-packer. :P