Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My list needs to be updated....

  • Fill out my On-Boarding Paperwork (Cept my W-4)
  • Purchase a Tradition's outfit (Decided to stick with something I already have)
  • Get an official copy of my birth certificate OR find SS Card (Had to get a new SS card because I think I officially lost mine...oops)
  • Pack (for hours and hours since I am very indecisive)
  • Purchase a couple more pairs of shorts (! I get excited every time I think of leaving the dead of a Massachusetts' winter for eternal Floridian summer :) ) (Found out after taking clothing out of my closet I definitely do NOT need any more clothing...I have to consolidate what I have as it is!)
  • Make sure I have all my toiletries/makeup
  • Make sure I have all my movies/room decoration (that will fit on my bulletin board, of course)
  • Make sure I have all my electronics
  • Defrag my computer and this other thing that I can't remember what it's called to make it faster (That other thing was called "Disk Clean-Up"...and no, it doesn't really run any cpu)
  • Figure out the Mears Shuttle Bus schedule/cab numbers for Orlando (Gotta buy my ticket now!)
  • Call the Recruiting number and request my graduation and a couple days before off in advance
  • Set up a new email address and let everyone know
  • Send all the pictures from my old phone to my email and activate my new phone (using it, but not with all the benefits)
  • Do my Financial Aid exit counseling
  • Learn how to cook (HAHA, yeah right!)
  • Get a haircut
  • Buy Disney-Look work earrings
  • Do my nails
  • Reserve Mears Shuttle Ticket - also ask Disney about the coupon because the one online is only valid through 12/31/09
Well...the good thing is that more things should be checked off my list today:
Finish W-4 with Dad
Call Disney about taking days off for graduation and getting Mears coupon sorted out
Reserve Mears Shuttle Ticket
Financial Aid Counseling
More packing
Tomorrow I get a "haircut"! I put it in "" because I really won't cut off very much because I am a chicken and I like my hair really long...

So, what do you guys have to do?


OH! And thank you to everyone for your advice on where to find Spacebags! I got 3 "Large" ones at Target for $12.99..."Not bad...not what I had in mind...but not bad..."

Get the reference?


Countdown Check:
3 days until Boston with my bf and BU friends
7 days (!) until Orlando
8 days until check-in!!!

What are you counting down?


Have a magical day!


  1. Learning how to Cook: COMPLETE


  2. So while I'm afraid none of those exactly make my taste buds come to life...I do appreciate the suggestion of looking up recipes on youtube so I can watch/follow along! Thanks!

    You also reminded me to bring my own Disney Cookbook ( it mailed...because it's heavy)!

    John, always coming to the rescue!

  3. If all else fails, I love to cook so you can just come hang out at my apartment. Hahaha.

  4. Yayyy!!! Katie, you have just saved me from starving...even just for one meal every once in a while!