Saturday, January 23, 2010

One of the best days of my entire life...

...I am 100% serious. January 22, 2010 was truly one of the best days I can ever remember.
This was literally me yesterday...I had Steve Carrell's phrase stuck in my head for hours :)
Anyone who said Traditions was boring should have had my facilitators. Arnold and mouse ears off to you. You were fantastic: energetic, kind, warm, and sincere. THANK YOU.
I won 3 prizes, got a visit from someone extremely special, and embarked on an exciting tour! I cried at least four times...not tears streaming down my face (though close at a couple points).
Oh yeah...and did I mention...I GOT MY NAME TAG??? For the second time this trip, in just a few days, I've been speechless. I told Arnold and Jami that getting my name tag was just like how this girl felt at the end of this commercial:

They both said "awww" extremely sincerely and Jami rubbed/patted me on the back as I walked out and said "Enjoy that name tag!" I shook Arnold's hand and thanked him. never know who you will run into in the future and I know that I am extremely grateful to have had them as my leaders. BUT THAT'S NOT ALL!!! In the afternoon I took care of some responsible errands, including signing up for a Disney Exploration Series (DES): Leadership class, starting March 2, and signed up for the Hub!!! I felt proud of myself for not immediately running off to the parks. I called my mom to tell her about my day, and theeeeen... Jess (my roommate), Ashley (my apartment mate), Sean (Shawn? I don't know; I never asked. He was Jess's friend), and Heather (random girl we met on the bus), went to Disney's Hollywood Studios. I wanted to ride Star Tours becausseeee...I COULD BE WORKING THAT ATTRACTION (and it's one of the few in 15 trips that I've never been on, lol!)! OR...I COULD BE WORKING THE AMERICAN IDOL EXPERIENCE! OOOOOORRRR...

We have to wait and see though. I have park orientation tomorrow (SO excited), and I think I may find out which "Hollywood Studios: Icon Attractions" (that's the official name), I will be working. I found that out at Casting, one of the prettiest Disney buildings I have seen yet, during Check-in day.
While I was at Hollywood Studios (on Muppetvision 3-D to be more specific), Allison called! She wanted to meet up because her Traditions was later. I told her we were planning on going to Magic Kingdom to see Wishes, and I'd love if she could meet us there.
Well, we left DHS (Heather stayed there to meet a friend), grabbed a bus to the Contemporary, walked to MK (SO close you wouldn't believe it), and I grabbed a spot in the direct middle of Main Street between the popcorn vendors (yes, you Disney freaks like me know where that is) while they got some food at Casey's Corner (I don't like hot dogs). Wow...that's a really long run-on sentence with too many parentheses. ;)
Wishes was absolutely breathtaking and spectacular, as always.
But it gets better.
Earlier, Jess had half-jokingly suggested that we could do Illuminations too, considering they were at 9. I told her she couldn't joke about things like that to me because she would plant a seed in my head. I mentioned this incident to Allison during Wishes. She said, "I was actually thinking of that, too." My heart started fluttering quickly..."We could, you know" I encouraged her.
"We cooouulldd," she got this mischievous look on her face, like that of a five-year-old.
Wishes ended, and next thing we knew, Allison, Jess, Ashley, Sean (Shawn?), and I were dashing through Main Street stores, out the gates, and running to the boat to the TTC. One monorail ride, a people traffic jam at the Epcot gates, and a run across Future World later, I was hop-skip-and-jumping to the best possible place to see Illuminations as it began. I almost cried and my day was complete.
Or so I thought...
While Jess, Ashley, and Sean (Shawn? haha!), headed back to their apartments because they were exhausted and had work today, Allison and I headed over to Downtown Disney to shop for her mom's birthday and get dinner. I got a FREE sandwich at Earl of Sandwich because I had a coupon from the other day. Then we simply shopped, met up with one of her friends, and went home.
I cannot think of a more fantastic way that anyone could have started their program.
To summarize, amazing Traditions, coveted name tag, prizes, tours, responsibility, and 3 parks plus another Disney area in one night.
It was truly wonderful. Disney is the place where dreams come true.
Have a VERY magical day!
(I'm going to try to upload my videos soon - I promise! Just don't know when I'll have time!)

PS - Trying out white writing...what do you think?


  1. That is all SO awesome. Glad to hear your day went so well! I think I will be exactly like you when I get my nametag- it will be one of the happiest moments of my life! Can't wait to read more!

    I like the white writing- but it's a little hard to see sometimes on my computer.... just so you know!

  2. That sounds like an awesome first day in the parks as an official cast member.

    The white writing is a little hard to see though.

  3. Only at Disney World will receiving a nametag be considered a momentous occasion. I'm still waiting for my replacement tag to come in, until then I'm still Rusty from Orlando.

    I would rethink the white writing

  4. Fantastic day!! I really hope you get your dream attraction job.

    The white writing is extremely hard to read. I highlighted it so I could.

  5. That sounds amazing! I remember growing up with that commercial (and the 'I can't sleep because I'm going to Disney World one)!

    I hope you get GMR!

  6. I'm checking in tomorrow!!! Can't wait! Not feeling the white to be honest though, it was really hard to read

  7. I can't believe I met you today!!!!! You are so adorable. I'm so glad we're working at the same park! Promise I'll update my blog tomorrow... maybe... lol