Thursday, January 28, 2010


...the sheriff demanded of the bandit cowboy and the girl.

"I'm reachin'!" The girl, no longer so little, threw her hands up in the air as high as she could.

She felt the warm, dry air brush her hair off her neck as the dust flew in her face. She squinted her eyes in the high-noon sun and glanced at the tumbleweed that rolled by her feet. One foot rested on red rock, the other on the wooden porch of the local bank. She trembled as the shotgun behind her seemed to be aimed directly for her heart.

Would she be shot by the villain or the hero? What would be her fate?! Where was her heroic moment?

"Get in there!" yelled the cowboy who had plowed out of the bank's swinging doors just a minute previously.

Suddenly the air turned cool and the girl's vision went back into focus, as though she had been dreaming. Right on cue, the girl "Disney pointed" with two hands, gesturing toward the bank door she was supposed to hurry through. She grinned at the kind strawberry-blonde girl waiting in her vehicle and bounced down the stairs. It was another successful rehearsal. This was no Western Town, just a magical scene from the Great Movie Ride...her new job!
How is it even possible that every day is as great as the one previous? Today I had Training: Part II. We blocked the Bandit and Anubis scenes. (Anubis is the jackel-headed Greek god of mummification for those of you who didn't know.) I had an AMAZING time! People were telling me how stressed out they were and how there was so much information that was just sooooo hard to learn, so by the time I got to work I was freaking out. Driving was really a piece of cake and learning all the road-bed sensors and block-lights (yes, I know most of you have no idea what I'm talking about, nor will I explain them to you because they will ruin some of the magic) will come with just a bit of studying!

My trainer Erica is SO amazing! We "click" together, as she said. She explains everything slowly, clearly, and simply, so I understand it all so well. She's patient, encouraging, even-tempered, and really kind. She always asks me if I have questions, lets me go over things I am nervous about, and never makes me feel dumb. She is so well-liked by everyone at GMR. I am SO LUCKY to have her guiding me along the way! THANK YOU, ERICA!!!


Yesterday I also had a magical moment. Someone who reads this blog made it for me. :) I went to Epcot last night after a long day of doing adult-responsible things like getting my sneakers for work, doing lots of loans/financial aid business, and activating my pay card. I saw a very special Photopass worker that I have been really looking forward to meeting. I was going to say "Hi, you probably don't know me, but I'm Ashlie, and I'm so excited to meet you!" Instead, as I stood behind her and waited for her to finish with the group she was with, she turned, saw me, said "Hi" originally as if to a guest, then instant recognition passed over her face and she nearly jumped on me for the warmest hug I've received here at WDW yet. Thank you, Marina, for making my night truly special :)

Last night I wandered around a few countries and watched Illuminations again. If someone told me I could only do one thing the rest of my life, I'd probably tell them I want to watch/listen to Illuminations over and over again.

Well, time to study my script...since my spieling today was NOT UP TO PAR at ALL! Boo, me.

I hope you all are at least trying to have as much fun as I am!!! Am I seriously paid to do all of this?

Have a magical evening!

PS - The poster is courtesy of and says "Ashlie 'Chica' TG" as in "Tour Guide." Weirdly, everyone has taken to calling me "chica"...starting with Charlie, next Allison, then Gina my apartment mate, then two DCP guys who barely know me, haha! Cool!


  1. well chica, i must say i am very jealous. but hopefully you can guide me through the movies this summer, pending my acceptance into fall advantage!

  2. AWESOME!!! I'm so happy for you!!!

  3. I absolutely agree with you about Erica. I loved having her as my trainer. I think everyone has been great so far at GMR.

  4. That is all so exciting. I'm definitely jealous. When I come down for Spring Break I will have to look for you on GMR!

  5. Ahhhh a blog post shout out! How fun! hahah. I'm glad you came to see me! It was awesome seeing you. Sorry I didn't get to catch you on the way out. Next time though, come see me during the day and we can hang out since in the afternoon, no one likes taking pictures. haha. I can't believe you're working GMR, and so well too! I'll have to come visit you now. I've only been on that ride once and its been a couple years. Next week on my days off definitely!