Monday, January 11, 2010


The girl took her little brother by the hand and began dragging him through the crowd. One day, he would be faster than she, but today, she was taller and older.

"To Big Thunder Mountain!" she cried, pushing pack a woman with a fanny pack and a family with a double stroller.
"HURRY" her brother screamed, as they both laughed breathlessly.

Their white sneakers made little pounding noises on the wooden bridge over the water in Frontierland. "The shortcut" - they called it.

They finally reached the entrance of the attraction with a sigh of relief...the first part of their adventure accomplished. They had to hit as many rides as possible in the short amount of time they had. It was the first time the children were alone in the Magic Kingdom together, their parents returning to the Grand Floridian for the afternoon, just a short boat ride away.

"So cool that mom and dad let us do this together for a little while," she said, smiling down at her golden-haired companion.
"Yeah," he agreed, trying to catch his breath.

A large crowd began to walk toward the entrance. They caught each other's sparkling eyes and had the same thought: they had to get in line before it was too late!

The 17-year-old girl grabbed her 10-year-old brother's hand again and began pulling him toward the wooden rails that marked the start of the "Wildest Ride in the Wilderness."

That's when "The Disney Run" was born, and little Chandler fell in love with Walt Disney World.

Hey guys,

Just a drive-by posting. Running some more DCP errands today. Gotta get a space-bag (where do I find those???), get my high heels re-heeled (walking in Boston kills them), get my "Paris" purse fixed (got it in France in WDW and the strap broke), and get a new SS card (oops...lost mine...need to prove I can work at WDW and don't want to bring my original birth certificate!).

That's all...busy busy. Nine days til check-in, eight until I leave!!!

Have a magical day!

PS - You can comment again...John fixed it again (thank you!). So please do! I love to hear your feedback! It motivates me to keep writing! <3>


  1. I've seen Space Bags in the storage section at Target as well as at Walmart. :)

  2. Walmart carries them really cheap- like 6 or 7 bucks I think. Couple questions for you: do you have a room to stay in on the 19th? I have one at a Holiday Inn and am looking for someone to split the costs with. Also, my roommate just dropped out. Are you looking for a roommate or do you know anyone looking for one? I'd like to get to know someone ahead of time!

  3. Don't forget......half a shoebox.

  4. Hey... I got a Paris bag from France @ EPCOT as well. AND it broke. I might be on to something...

    Anyway... nine days! How exciting! Have a safe trip down!

  5. Katey,

    I actually do have a room to stay in...I'm all booked at the Regal Sun Inn...sorry! :(. And I saw that you are 20 as far as the roommate situation goes, so unfortunately I can't room with you because I'm living in Non-Wellness housing as I turned 21 in September! Sorry, again! I'm honored that you'd ask though. Sorry to hear about your roommate just dropping out :(

    Katie, 'em! Thanks!

    John, vvhaatt???

    Marissa, BOO on our purses. Why is Disney doing this to us with its reputation for great quality???