Friday, January 15, 2010

There's been tribes and know I've had my share...

"But I've climbed the mountain and I've crossed the river and I'm almost there. I'm alllllll-mooossttt....theeeerreee!"

The girl sat in the darkened movie theater with the "Disney smile" spreading across her face. It was similar (though not quite as powerful) as the look she got on her face whenever she was in
Walt Disney World. It was the smile that was born the first day she saw Cinderella's coach. It was the smile that was about to return in approximately a month.

As she sat reading her most recent Disney email titled "You're Almost Here!" the girl marveled
how time flew by. In a mere four days she would travel to Florida to pursue her dreams.

"I'm almost there..." she thought, smiling to herself.


This came in my inbox today! I never get tired of "purple" emails!

I thought you guys might get a kick out of the following: a packing series of pics...and you can see just how "close" I consider being "close to done." Hahaha!

First explosion of clothing on my twin beds:

Needless to say...I had to seriously reconsider my packing strategy.

Now...the stuff on my bed isn't going, basically, and the stuff on the floor (aka suitcases) are. Needless to say I have to clean this all up...but this is what it looks like now:

(EDIT: Picture removed at Mom's request.)

Oh...did I mention I have to get all my bathroom stuff (aka hair, makeup, cosmetics, health supplies, etc.) in the smaller suitcase that is standing up in that pic? it is...

(EDIT: Picture removed at Mom's request.)

Maybe I should stop blogging and get back to kinda has to be done by tomorrow AM or I can't go to Boston...and going to Boston I am! (Yes, a Yoda moment, I just had.)

(EDIT: Picture removed at Mom's request.)

Have magical dreams (and sleep enough for both of us, please)!


  1. Hahaha. I just took pictures of the ridiculous amount of stuff I have. I need to put them up.

    And I need to consider not taking half of it...

  2. Good Luck.... I think you are like me... We pack wayyyyy too much :)