Thursday, February 4, 2010


...the smoke cleared, allowing the girl's vision to focus again.

She grinned at the people in the vehicle below her and waited to see the would be different every time.

Cheers erupted from the vehicle as the guests' faces turned to an expression of relief as they saw their tour guide reappear after being possibly dead or kidnapped by gangsters or bandits!

Just a few hours later...cheers would also meet the girl as she entered the Cast Communication Center and her trainer proclaimed..."Assessed!"

It was a very nerve-wracking day but I was proud to show off all that I had learned, and interested in finding out anything I had missed or could improve upon. Everyone there was very supportive and kind throughout the day, and especially welcoming when I had completed my day. It was like being accepted into the DCP all over again. What a wonderful feeling!

Almost every person who has worked the Great Movie Ride since its opening in 1989 has put his or her painted hand print on the famous "Wall of Hand Prints" backstage at the GMR. Many have special designs or little messages.

I had the wonderful opportunity to add my hand print to those immortalized on the wall of fame. It was truly an honor.

Picking a color was not easy, but after much debate (which probably took much longer than it was supposed to) I chose red and yellow...colors of both the Great Movie Ride costumes, and Mickey Mouse's shorts. Can you see the red with the two yellow buttons? :)

Have a magical night!

PS - I had to scratch out my last name for safety, so the odd blank spot between the fingers is where my last name is in real life :)


  1. SO excited and happy for you! Congratulations!!!!!

  2. We have a similar thing at Test Track, when your CP ends you write your name on the wall in the OPS office =). Congrats!