Thursday, February 4, 2010

"That's my dad!"

"...I knew all along/Underneath...he's really brave and strong./He's on his way now/and I'm so glad./Of all the fish in the ocean...that's my dad!"

The girl's eyes welled up with tears. This scene from Finding Nemo, The Musical at Disney's Animal Kingdom had always made her emotional, but this time was different. The homesickness had begun to rear its ugly head. By about now in college she would have hopped on a bus to see her mom and dad. But here she was, 800+ miles away, all on her own.

But as she looked to her left and behind her, she saw some new friends that would help ease her pain and make her look forward to yet another wonderful day at Walt Disney World.

Pardon the fact that POTC is the video.
It was the only version of "That's My Dad" that was any good.
(Though you guys know how much I love this is pretty good too!)

Wish my parents could come visit now. I know it's only two weeks in, but that's about the right amount of time for me, as I would normally head home, even for less than 24 hours to see my family.

But the good news is that I made some new friendships today. I hope that, in time, these (and other) people will become my family down here. Today, the six of us (Ashlie, Ashton, Eric, Amanda, Sam, and Josh) created many more exciting memories.

"And here...are just a few of my favorites!'

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(That's a GMR quote above, btw...I can't help but go around quoting my attraction all the time! I even go around pointing out safety features around WDW. Gotta love being a CM...I know I do!)

Have a magical night!

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