Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fractured Fairy Tale

Helping my brother with his assignment on fractured fairy tales. To summarize with an example you will all understand: basically every class Disney movie is a fractured fairy tale. It takes a fairy tale and manipulates it so it includes irony, parody, and satire. It tells the story but in a different way. Let's put it this way...The Little Mermaid kills herself at the end of the original fairy tale, Cinderella talks to fish or cats or whomever as her fairy godmother (depending on the culture), and Beauty is sent to the Beast by her father in his place because the father had picked one of the Beast's most beautiful roses (sound familiar?) for her after the Beast had shown him hospitality (Lumiere much?). Like I said, Disney's Classics are all fractured fairy tales, which makes this such an interesting experience!

Helping him with this assignment felt like Imagineering Story Writing to me...oh please let them call me and express interest. I have so many ideas and so much creativity I could bring to the Walt Disney Company! It is my dream job. I'll just keep praying for now.

The Internal Communications interview went fairly well. I am not 100% pleased because I was extremely nervous at the beginning but I kind of pulled myself together with more intelligent answers by the end. It also sounds like an amazing opportunity, as I would get to put my graphic design, writing, and even possibly broadcast skills to good use! We'll see. I should hear by next week or the week after. The good thing is that I am always honest in I hope they know how sincere I am and how much I want this.


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