Saturday, June 26, 2010

Week One: Success

Enjoyed my first week at my internship. Working in an office is really difference but my team is great, the projects are fun, and the days fly by! I have my own cubicle with a nameplate and an awesome "Welcome to the Team, Ashlie" poster on my wall. My cubicle is already filled with sticky notes, papers, and folders.

Let me tell you, I owe a LOT to my job at college with Boston University's Campus Information and Visitor Relations (RIP department). I learned serious organizational, office, and practical skills. I know how to write an intelligent email in about 2.5 seconds and organize an inbox as to not get overwhelmed. Even my last boss and my current leader have similar working/managerial styles.

My advice of the day? You NEVER know what skills are going to come in handy. What may seem like a meaningless, "I don't want to go," task may turn into a useful life experience.

Have a magical day! (Woot woot for Mon-Fri 8:30AM-5PM! with Saturdays and Sundays off!)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Where else in the world...

...can you dance to the Cha Cha slide and be applauded by guests in a hand print-filled court yard, get paid, and NOT get in trouble?

No where else but the Great Movie Ride :)

Three more days and possible a shift to show my mom my show...feels so weird.


My weekend with my boyfriend at Coronado Springs was AWESOME! We did Epcot on Saturday most of the day, explored the hotel a bit, and ate and ate and ate, LOL! I feel happy even though I miss him already. Hope he comes back to visit soon! (Will try to remember to post pictures later.)

Thank you for staying with us, and we wish you magical dreams.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Where are you? I can't even find you on my GPS.

Lightning McQueen: I'm in this little town called Radiator Springs. You know Route 66? It's still here!
Harv: Yeah, that's great, kid. Playtime is over, pal.

I HAVE MY CAR IN FLORIDA! So I thought it would only be appropriate to put the above cute quote from cars. Maybe my car will come to life and start talking and we will have adventures together and............yeah, just kidding :)

But in all sincerity...yay for being able to go places and do things on my own free will! Having it for only two days has proven its worth.

I do feel a bit like "Playtime is over, pal," just from a bit of nerves before my internship. I'm sure I will be fine, though. Just a bit of a reality check that my days of playing as a job are limited, haha.

Time for bed. Work 1:30-7:30. Hooray for six hour shifts (as it is double that both Thursday and Friday! YIKES!)!

Good night Disney fans :)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Enormous Update

I have been a slacker...which is sad because there are so many magical memories I have/make every day.

People to remember:

Poppy at parade (little Scottish girl whom I "adopted", played with, danced with, and skipped around with like a Disney commercial).

Little girl in Belle costume who, when I said "Happy Birthday Princess Belle," she stepped back a few steps, took her father's hand and says "And this is my Prince."

The numerous little kids who have asked me how I did the trick in Anubis (see Great Movie Ride explanations) or changed my voice (that one made me laugh).

Little girl (9ish?) and boy (5ish?) who CLEARLY are Disney fanatics in the making as they had the most brilliant/excited/engaged smiles during my show...reminded me of my brother and myself and how we feel about Disney...THAT is rare to find.

The families I have done "Magical Moments" for...such as "back-dooring" them through our "Celebrity Entrance" and helped them make their own celebrity hand prints with paint on keepsake passes.

The fun I've had with friends and our villainous characters. "What do I look like, an April Fool? I said get over here!" ~Mugsi on April Fool's Day. The gangster gender switcheroo. The giggles in Oz between Tour Guides.

There are SOOO many more I could detail, but I do forget sometimes.

I've had such an amazing time at The Great Movie Ride and it amazes me to think that I only have like 12 or less days there before I start my Professional Internship! Which, by the way, is going to be at the Animation Building backstage at Disney's Hollywood it will be the perfect type of change: different scenery, different tasks, same feeling :)

Then there are all the Disney/outside Disney memories and people I have met. That could go on and on and shall have to be a tale for another day. Ok...well I will mention for you Tower of Terror fanatics that I did ride the last ride of the night into the Twilight Zone sitting next to a his costume. It was pretty awesome...

Oh, and I'm moving to a new apartment. Let's just say my roommate situation has not been all. But regardless, I'm excited to make new friends. The upside/downside is that I will be living in a new complex, of which many buildings are designed specifically for Disney Professional Interns: Cumberland Park. There are also regular Florida residents who live there (and a few Great Movie Riders!). It is across International Drive from Patterson. However, I will now need to be signed in to the four Disney housing complexes as a guest and can no longer take Disney transportation. I find this to be unjust and am considering writing an email to someone. I have read mixed reviews about this place from current residents but considering a few things I know (including about how security is not as tight but that it is considerably less safe - friends and I were able to bypass being buzzed in and just followed a car in), I am a bit nervous/skeptical. We will see what it is like...

So that is all for now, and I hope you, my followers, still read this and will be happy to see an update.
For now,

Princess Ash

PS - I am officially a college graduate from Boston University with two degrees :) Yay!

PPS - Prince Charlie visits next mom visits the weekend after that to help me move! Hooray for visitors!

PPS - Last night for Wishes and Spectromagic until August 15th...I am working until 10:30 so I will not make it, which is sad. Oh well. Why is it going away? DO YOU LIVE UNDER A ROCK??? Summer Nightastic of course! You don't know what that is? Fine...I'll inform you. Click the image below.