Saturday, June 26, 2010

Week One: Success

Enjoyed my first week at my internship. Working in an office is really difference but my team is great, the projects are fun, and the days fly by! I have my own cubicle with a nameplate and an awesome "Welcome to the Team, Ashlie" poster on my wall. My cubicle is already filled with sticky notes, papers, and folders.

Let me tell you, I owe a LOT to my job at college with Boston University's Campus Information and Visitor Relations (RIP department). I learned serious organizational, office, and practical skills. I know how to write an intelligent email in about 2.5 seconds and organize an inbox as to not get overwhelmed. Even my last boss and my current leader have similar working/managerial styles.

My advice of the day? You NEVER know what skills are going to come in handy. What may seem like a meaningless, "I don't want to go," task may turn into a useful life experience.

Have a magical day! (Woot woot for Mon-Fri 8:30AM-5PM! with Saturdays and Sundays off!)

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